Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

Mary Gormandy White

What child wouldn't love an Alice in Wonderland birthday cake? If your child loves the story, he or she is sure to love a birthday cake that features one or more of the characters famous for sharing Alice's Through the Looking Glass adventures.

Alice In Wonderland Birthday Cake Ideas

With all of the delightful characters in Alice in Wonderland, there are many different ways to create birthday cakes that will delight youngsters who love the story.

The first type of Alice in Wonderland birthday cake that is likely to come to mind is one featuring the likeness of Alice herself. Making a cake shaped like this requires a special pan, which can be difficult to get because it has been discontinued. Your best resources for locating the Alice pan are likely to be on eBay or the Wilton discussion forum.

Teapot Cake

A cake in the shape of a teapot a very popular choice when planning an Alice in Wonderland theme birthday celebration. What better way to recreate the Mad Hatter's tea party than with a teapot cake? Click here for a recipe for a beautiful teapot cake that will delight your child. For other teapot cake ideas, see the Coolest Birthday Cakes website.

Mad Hatter Cake

Mad Hatter cakes, sometimes referred to as topsy turvy cakes, are a great selection for an Alice in Wonderland birthday cake. These fun, whimsical treats are generally made with three round layer cakes. Each layer is cut at an angle, resulting in a purposely tilted cake.

Mad Hatter cakes can be any flavor and can be decorated to match any color scheme. They are often decorated with polka dots and diamond patterns. You can find detailed instructions for creating a Mad Hatter cake on YouTube.

White Rabbit Cake

A White Rabbit cake is a fun idea for an Alice in Wonderland birthday party. There are a number of different ways to make it, some of which require special pans and others which need only standard cookware you probably already own. If you have a few round cake pans, you can make this simple, yet attractive, white rabbit cake with very little effort.

Caterpillar Cake

The wise caterpillar who advises Alice about how to get by in Wonderland can also be a wonderful character for an Alice in Wonderland theme birthday celebration. Caterpillar cakes are very easy to bake and decorate, yet can be really unique and cute. For creative examples of these fun and colorful cakes, check out the designs on Coolest Birthday Cakes.

Cheshire Cat Cake

The Cheshire cat is another Alice in Wonderland character that can easily be depicted on a birthday cake. There are a number of different cat shaped cake pans available, and any of them can be decorated to resemble the Cheshire cat. For inspiration, see the selection of cat birthday cakes on Coolest Birthday Cakes.

Alice in Wonderland character

Sheet Cakes

You can always make a sheet cake and decorate it with frosting scenery and figurines from Alice in Wonderland. The great thing about this option is that the figurines themselves can function as party favors for guests or extra birthday goodies for your child.

A Birthday to Remember

No matter which character from the cast of Alice in Wonderland you select for your child's birthday cake, he or she is sure to be delighted.

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake