14th Birthday Party Ideas

14th birthday party

Looking for 14th birthday party ideas? When you're planning a party for a teen, it can be tricky to find a balance between planning the whole party and letting teens do what teens do best, which is simply hang out. Rather than planning a party with activities and things to do, think instead about creating ambiance for your guests with great food, theme decorations, fun music and a few open-ended activities that lend themselves towards interaction.

Awesome 14th Birthday Party Ideas

There are many ideas that bring together food and fun for an awesome birthday party that kids will be talking about for awhile. Remember the keys to keeping teens happy are to have plenty of food and let them hang out.

Water Fight Party

Whether they want to admit it or not, 14 year olds truly have not outgrown the things they loved to do when they were younger. If you're planning a party for warm weather, why not opt for a water fight? Fill large garbage bags with water balloons, get out the old Slip 'n' Slide and set up the sprinklers. Make sure you tell teens on the invitations to wear their swimsuits and to bring their water guns. Designate an area in your backyard that is far enough away from the food so that the food won't get wet during the water festivities.

Sledding Party

A great option for a party in the wintertime is a sledding party. Let teens know on the invitation to bring their sleds, but be sure to offer a few extras in case they don't have any. You can also get a couple of snow tubes so that teens can ride together. Build snow men, have snowball fights and of course. . .sled. For food, offer hot chocolate, oven-baked s'mores, and pizza. It's a simple party but one that kids will be sure to enjoy.

Glow in the Dark Party

Throwing a party at night can be cool because of all the special effects you can pull off. Play flashlight tag in the back yard, or provide black lights in the house. Offer classic games like Twister or good group games like Cranium Cadoo. Keep food easy by providing oven-ready appetizers, pizza and soda to drink.

A Night at the Movies

Offer popcorn with all the fixings (extra butter, seasonings, and salt), nachos and movie style candy, and let kids sit back and enjoy a movie or two. Help your teen choose movies that will appeal to a variety of audiences. It's also a good idea to let parents know what movies will be showing either on the invitation or as their kids are dropped off.

Pajama Breakfast Kidnap Surprise

If you're looking for a creative way to surprise your birthday girl, invite her friends over early in the morning and treat the birthday girl to a morning out at IHOP or some other restaurant that serves breakfast food and is open early. Let (or make) her go in her pajamas or a pair of sweats and don't let her do her hair or make up as that's all part of the fun. Get the other girls in on it for a hilarious time.

Karaoke Night

Have a teen who loves the spotlight? Throw a karaoke party complete with stage and lighting! You can even choose a theme such as the 70s or Doo Wop night. Encourage kids to come dressed for that decade and then play music from that decade as well.

Unique Pizza Party

It goes without saying that almost all teens love pizza. How about hosting a pizza party with a twist where teens make their own pizzas? To simplify things, buy pre-made dough. Then offer various toppings in little bowls around a counter and let the kids have at it.

Keep It Simple

Remember that keeping it simple and encouraging kids to just hang out is the best plan when it comes to 14th birthday party ideas. Involve your teen in the planning and ask what he or she would like to do. Share your budget with your teen to keep expectations for the party realistic.

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14th Birthday Party Ideas