1st Birthday Party Invitations

1st birthday party

First birthday parties are extra special, and you want to set the tone for the party by sending out beautiful invitations. Whether you're printing out your invites, purchasing them, or sending the invitations by email, there are plenty of themes and designs available suit your celebration.

Free Printable 1st Birthday Party Invitations

These printable invitations can be downloaded, customized, and printed for free, saving you time and money. If you need help downloading the printable invitation, check out these helpful tips.

Click on the design you wish to use, then follow the instructions on the page to print out your invitations. Don't forget to fill in all of the available spots to customize your invites. Select from an animal/jungle theme, a "growing up" theme, and a transportation theme.

Purchase Party Invitations Online

If you prefer to purchase invitations for your little one's 1st birthday party, there are lots of great options to choose from online. Try some of these retailers for cute invites.

  • Tiny Prints - Get beautiful photo invitations from Tiny Prints, which offers all kinds of options for busy parents. You can choose to have the cards addressed and mailed for you, and there are plenty of add-ons available such as matching envelopes, address labels, and thank you cards. Basic invitations start at about a dollar each, but the extras and add-ons can quickly add up.
  • Storkie - Storkie has over 200 different designs for 1st birthday party invitations, including photo cards and 3-D options. You can customize lots of different things, from the card corners to fonts and colors. Most invites have a minimum order of 10 cards, with pricing available per card.
  • Invitation Box - Invitation Box makes it easy to choose your invitations based on your party theme or colors, or the gender of the child. There are even several options for twins celebrating their first birthdays. Narrow down your options by using the tools on the left side of the page to find just the right design. Make sure you check the top of the page for frequently offered discount codes.

First Birthday Party Evites

Many parents love the convenience of evites, which are sent out via email. If you're looking for the perfect evite for your child's 1st birthday party, these sites may have just the thing.

  • Evite.com - The go-to website for evite invitations, Evite.com has a nice selection of 1st birthday invites to choose from. All options are free to send out, and you can even go back and send more if you realize you've forgotten to add someone to the guest list.
  • SmileBox - While the options for 1st birthday designs aren't visible until you download the program, SmileBox is a great alternative for those looking for something a little out of the ordinary. After downloading the free software, you can create party invitations that feature your child's photo, and then add music and video to make the evite extra special. You can also post the completed invitation to Facebook if you wish.
  • Pingg - Pingg is a full-service party and event site that has lots of extras to offer. Fortunately, their selection of adorable 1st birthday party evites are free to customize and send. They also offer an RSVP service to help you keep track of who has confirmed or declined the invitations.

Choose an Invitation That Fits

There is quite a bit of planning and preparation for any 1st birthday party, and you'll want to make sure that the invitations set the tone for all of your guests. Whether you opt for evites, printables, or traditional invitations, choose something fun that fits with your theme or style for the party itself. Don't forget to print out or keep an extra invitation for your child's memory book or scrapbook, too!

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1st Birthday Party Invitations