40th Birthday Gag Gifts

40th birthday cake and denture cream

Fortieth birthday gag gifts are especially appropriate because 40 is the perfect age for fun. Celebrants aren't yet considered old, but then they're not considered young either. It's an age where looking back is still fun, and looking ahead can be a little frightening.

Are Gag Gifts Appropriate?

Before you decide to surprise someone who is celebrating a 40th birthday with a gag gift, there are some things to consider:

  • Does this person have a good sense of humor? If not, then a more straight-forward gift might be more appropriate.
  • Is the recipient horrified by aging, or upset about turning 40? Reminders of his or her age may not make the humorous impression you're hoping for.
  • Would a gag gift be appropriate for the event and the location of the party? If you're attending a fancy party or other formal gathering, the gag gift may be better given privately at a later time.

Ideas for 40th Birthday Gag Gifts

Once you've decided to go ahead with a gag gift, it's time to aim for maximum humor! Here are some ideas that you can use and add to.

Old Age Gift Basket

This idea for 40th birthday gag gifts allows for a lot of creativity and even teamwork. First, you'll need a container. A basket, shopping bag, or other container will hold all of the items. Then, try to think of products that senior citizens commonly or stereotypically use. Some of these could be:

  • Prunes or prune juice
  • Denture cleaner or cream
  • Walking sticks or canes
  • Magazines, travel brochures, or other publications for seniors
  • Hearing aid
  • Reading glasses
  • Adult diapers

You can also round out the gift by gathering "helpful" brochures and information, such as hand-outs from senior's homes, health insurance applications for the elderly, and other literature from service providers.

If you want this to be a very big gift basket, ask other friends and relatives to pitch in and add more items, giving the gag gift as a group at the birthday party.

T-Shirts, Buttons, Posters, and More

Most malls and photo outlets have a booth or counter where you can order personalized items such as t-shirts, buttons, and coffee mugs. These can feature a photo as well as text.For a great birthday gag, find a fun saying that goes with turning 40 and have it printed on a shirt or other item. Add the guest of honor's name and birth date as well. Here are some ideas for sayings:

  • I'm not 40. I'm 39 and holding.
  • 40 is the new 18.
  • I'm not 40. I'm 20. Twice.
  • It took me 40 years to look this good.

Time Capsule

A time capsule can be a combined "serious" gift along with some gags thrown in. Put together some items from the year the birthday boy or girl was born, such as:

  • A copy of the front page of the newspaper from the recipient's birth date (these can be obtained from local libraries or the newspaper itself)
  • A CD containing popular music from the year or decade
  • Photos of the recipient at various ages and milestones
  • A copy of the best-selling novel from the year of birth
  • Nostalgic items like old-fashioned candy and toys

After you've collected the "real" items for the time capsule, you can add some funny things that suggest an age much older than 40, like:

  • Plastic dinosaurs
  • Feather pens/quills
  • Fossils or stone arrowheads
  • A replica of the Mayflower
  • An abacus

Smaller Gag Gifts

If you're looking for a quick gag gift to accompany the actual gift, or something a little less ambitious, here are a few fast ideas:

  • A pill bottle full of small blue candies to suggest Viagra (for a man)
  • A vial full of dirt, with a tag attached that reads, "Something older than (person's name)"
  • A homemade gift certificate for botox treatments, plastic surgery, hip replacement, or other service related to aging

Keep it Light-Hearted

The main thing to consider is to keep the gag gifts light-hearted and fun. Funny gag gifts are great for a 40th birthday, but make sure you don't go overboard with them and spoil the fun.

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