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Adult Halloween Party Ideas

Amy Hoover

Set The Date

Kids don't have to be the only ones enjoying tricks and treats when you plan a celebration with these adult Halloween party ideas.

The obvious time for a Halloween party is on the holiday itself. However, when it falls on a weeknight, it might not be an ideal party date. The weekend before or after Halloween is another popular choice. Plan your party too early or wait too long after October 31 and guests may not be in the Halloween spirit.

Encourage Themed Costumes

Although Halloween is enough of a theme for many party planners, encouraging guests to arrive in themed costumes will only add to the fun. Some ideas include:

  • Famous couples
  • Characters from a favorite TV show or movie
  • Classic monsters
  • Blast from the past (choose a specific decade or keep it open)
  • Superheroes

Be sure to tell your guests about the costume theme on the invitations.

Use Outdoor Décor

Get guests' attention from the moment they approach your home with outdoor decorations. Fake tombstones, "ghosts" hanging from trees and spider webs on the porch will help set a spooky tone. Luminaria along the driveway or sidewalk can create an elegant atmosphere.

Set the Mood with Food

Get creative with your food presentation to complement the holiday party theme. Decorate cookies or cupcakes with orange frosting, pumpkins and ghosts. Serve blood-red drinks in crystal goblets for a Victorian atmosphere or in test tubes and beakers for a mad scientist feel. Freeze water in a plastic glove for a unique ice cube for the punch bowl.

Embrace the Darkness

Whether it's buying bloody, realistic fake body parts or planning a movie marathon of slasher films, an adult Halloween party means that you can embrace the darker side of the holiday. Just make sure you're sensitive of potentially squeamish guests.

Lighthearted Fun

Adult Halloween party ideas aren't always dark and scary. Start by selecting a fun and lighthearted theme. Decorate with bright candy-corn colors instead of swathing the room in black. Plan pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and other nostalgic activities.

A Casual Affair

Halloween parties aren't required to be big events with detailed costumes and over-the-top decorations. For instance, if their children are old enough to go door-to-door unsupervised, parents can gather for cider and conversation during trick-or-treating hours.

More Adult Halloween Party Ideas

A Halloween party doesn't have to cost a scary amount of money:

  • Save money before the party even begins with free or cheap printable party invitations.
  • Print Halloween decorations for a unique look that will also cut your budget.
  • Shop warehouse clubs for bulk quantities of snacks and tableware.
  • Create costumes from thrift store finds, such as clothes from the 1980s.

It's never too early to start thinking about your next party, so pick up Halloween party supplies after this year's holiday is over. Remember that adults are the perfect group for more gory tricks instead of cutesy treats. Add scary supplies to your list, too, and everyone will have a frightfully good time!

Amy Hoover
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Adult Halloween Party Ideas