Unique Adult Party Themes

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Parties aren't just for kids. Choosing a unique adult party theme will make your event something that your guests will always remember.

Unique Party Themes for Adults

Adults can get bored attending the same old parties, so liven up your next bash with a fun and unexpected theme. Depending on your space, budget and interests, there are many unique ideas to consider.

Las Vegas Strip Party

Turn your home into the Las Vegas strip and surprise your guests with this fun and unique theme. You can set up different areas to represent the Strip. One room can be set up with small tables covered with tablecloths in black and white. Set up a different casino game at each table. You can have games such as poker, craps, blackjack and roulette. As each guest arrives at the party, hand them fake money to play with. You can have some prizes on hand to give out to the winners of the games. Prizes can be items such as gift cards or restaurant certificates.

You can have people dressed up to represent various hotels in Vegas. Have one area set up like the Hard Rock with music memorabilia and more. Another area can be set up with a mini volcano and magician videos playing on tvs. Another idea is to display neon lights and pink flamingos reminiscent of the Pink Flamingo Hotel.

No Vegas party is complete without a special appearance by Elvis. Hire an impersonator or have a friend dress up and entertain the crowd.

Other special touches to include at the party are a bar complete with a bartender and platters of hors d'oeuvres for the guests to enjoy. To end the night, set up a midnight buffet filled with a variety of foods to please all your guests.

Wine Making

Wine tasting

Wine parties are all the rage and require very little planning or work. You can make this party something spectacular by making it an opportunity to create your own wine. You can pick up a beginner wine making kit which should include all you need to get started. In addition, you will need some empty wine bottles, corks and a place set up to make the wine. Allow your guests to take part in the process and for a special touch, create custom labels to place on the bottles as a gift for each guest to take home.

In addition to actually making wine, have some wine available to sample. You can serve your guests a variety of wines and pair them with platters of artisanal cheeses, crackers and fresh fruit. You can talk about each wine you are serving and what features make it stand out.

If you choose to make a specific type of wine at the party, have a bottle available beforehand for the guests to try.

Keep the decorations simple by using items such as fresh flowers, bottles of wine, baskets of fruits and other seasonal items.

Crazy Costume Party

Costume parties are not just for Halloween. You can hold a costume party any time of the year. Use the invitation as a notice for your guests to dress up for this event. You can choose a theme or just allow guests to dress up however they choose. Some crazy costume themes to consider include:

  • Crazy Clowns
  • Merry Masks
  • Victorian Royalty
  • Vampires
  • Rock Stars

Whatever costume idea you choose, be sure to decorate accordingly. For example, if you go with a Crazy Clown party, use plenty of balloons, festive streamers and silly music.

If you are inviting couples to the party, the theme can work around a specific costume ideas such as:

  • Famous Disney couples: This theme is not just for kids. There are endless couples to choose from such as Jasmine and Aladdin, Ariel and Prince Eric from Little Mermaid and Cinderella and Prince Charming. You can decorate with a Disney theme and allow the adults to escape back to their childhood and have fun with this theme. Use decorations that will transport your guests to Disney World.
  • Prom dates: Hold a mock prom at this party and whoever shows up in the best costume will be named Prom King and Queen. Serve spiked punch, play music from your prom decade and decorate with balloons, steamers and a specific prom theme.
  • Roaring 20's: From gangsters to flappers, anything goes with this theme party. You can set up a speakeasy and serve bathtub gin and other novelty drinks that are sure to please your guests.
  • Retro: Set up a disco dance floor and play groovy music that will have your guests dancing the night away.

The Titanic

Take a step back to 1912 and imagine that your guests are on their way to America to begin their new life in New York. It is the first night on the Titanic, and everyone has been invited to dine with the captain.

To get everyone in the spirit of the theme, mention on that the invitation that everyone is requested to dress in formal attire from that period. Some can dress up like members of the Titanic's crew and give the atmosphere a more realistic feel.

Set up a large table as a captain's dinner table and use classy formal dinnerware and silver accents and silverware. You can create name cards for seating.

Entertainment can be background music such as big band music for dancing. Create a playlist with music from the Titanic movie and have it playing throughout the party.

Murder Mystery Party

Who done it? A murder has taken place and your guests will need to figure out who the killer is. Everyone is a suspect, and plays a character in this scenario. You can find some great story lines for your murder mystery online or at specialty game stores. This type of theme can be played at home, a hotel room, restaurant etc. Depending on your story, props may be needed to give a more "authentic" feel. Aside from that, the cost to host this event should not be over the top.

Hollywood Party

Treat your guests like stars and host a Hollywood Party at your home. Send out elegant invitations inviting your guests to the red carpet event. Ask guests to wear formal wear and when they arrive have paparazzi on hand taking their pictures. Set up a red carpet outside for them to enter on and hand each a glass of champagne when they enter the party.

You can decorate the area with old photos of stars from the big screen and use a color theme of red, white and black. Keep the decorations elegant and classy, You can play various old movies on tvs throughout the party and have various food and drink stations set up for guests to visit.

Wrapping It Up

Once you've chosen your theme, all your party planning will be easier. You'll be able to find or make invitations, decorations, and food in keeping with your theme. With just a little bit of planning, your next adult party will be a hit!

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Unique Adult Party Themes