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Army Camouflage

The things you add to your list for Army theme party supplies vary, depending on where your party is held and what types of activities are planned for the day. Adult parties differ from children's parties, too, as most Army theme adult parties are for soldiers who have enlisted, received an honor or promotion, are being deployed or are returning home.

Adult Army Party Supplies

At an adult party with an Army theme, supplies should reflect a patriotic party theme without becoming kitschy. A welcome-home or send-off party may be casual and require just some paper tableware, camouflage tablecloths and a decorated cake. The guest of honor's favorite music is necessary, as are displaying some photographs of his or her training and experiences with the Army.

However, a party after receiving a promotion or honor usually has an understated elegance. These parties are often smaller and more intimate, usually dinner parties or receptions after a dinner. Consider using these supplies for this type of adult Army party:

  • Fine china or other "good" dishes
  • Military and American flags prominently displayed
  • Certificates of achievement, photographs and other awards placed throughout the room or on a table
  • Army memorabilia that the honored guest has collected

Adults tend to have fewer overall decorations at their parties than children, making decorating easy. Choose supplies to create an overall ambiance, rather than recreating an Army "experience," which is usually the scenario at children's Army theme parties.

Children's Army Theme Party Supplies

The first thing on most supply lists is the party invitations for the army party. Pick out ones with a simple fill-in-the-blank design and a camouflage front or choose elaborate ones shaped like a helmet or tank.

The invitations are only the first item on the supply list-food, decorations and even game supplies round out the party planning checklist.

Food Supplies

A cake is typical fare at a child's party, regardless of whether it is for a birthday. Choose a cake with a design like the following:

  • Airbrushed camouflage on fondant or buttercream frosting
  • Army scene, complete with a road, tanks, helicopters and plastic army men
  • American flag cake
  • G.I. Joe toy themed cake

Call the rest of the food "rations" and serve it on plastic plates, cafeteria-style. Pick up larger plastic picnic trays that have areas for silverware at discount or party supply stores. Choose silver, gray or black.

Set up your own tent in the backyard and hang a sign outside that says "Mess Hall." Otherwise, hang a long green drape over your kitchen/dining room doorways and walls to create the look of an Army mess tent.

Decorative Supplies

Borrow small one to two person tents from friends and neighbors, and set them up in the backyard (or family room, if hosting the party indoors). Purchase camo nets from an Army surplus store and hang them across the rooms to create the scene of an Army base. Cover a swing set or playhouse with camouflage colored streamers so they "blend" into the background.Inside, the area may need a little more decoration than a backyard. Hang large Army recruitment posters around the room, along with cut out pictures of tanks, guns, helicopters and other equipment. To recreate the outdoors inside, strategically place indoor plants around the room.

Game Supplies

The supplies necessary for party games depends on activities planned for the party. An obstacle course may need:

  • Tires
  • Plank boards
  • Ropes
  • Tunnels

Some party games require scavenger hunt maps and items to seek out on a "mission." Walkie-talkies are also necessary supplies if dividing the kids into two "camps." Squirt guns and water balloon "grenades" are great for a battle. Military uniform costumes for adults are a supply that makes the whole party come together.

Prizes for games might include certificates, gold stars and medals. Plastic army men and other small toys are also good prizes, as well as party favors. Add some plastic dog tags, a whistle, canteens or play binoculars to round out the favor bags for sending home with the kids.

Plan your Army theme party supplies according to the guest of honor and guest list, along with the reason for the celebration. Army surplus stores and military museum gift shops are excellent places to look for supply ideas, along with your favorite party supply store.

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