Beach Themed Parties

Have fun with a beach theme.

Beach themed parties are a great way to enjoy the fun and warmth of summer, no matter when or where the party is. With careful planning, any event or venue can become a crazy beach party.

Sandy Celebrations

A beach party is a great option for many types of celebrations. A basic beach party can be a casual summer get together or a relaxed summer holiday gathering, while stronger themes can be used for any number of occasions, such as:

  • Birthday parties
  • Spring break parties
  • Bridal showers or wedding rehearsal dinners
  • Graduation parties
  • Unique winter celebrations

The type of celebration will determine what type of beach is most appropriate, as well as what theme, decorations, and other details are most suitable.

Beach Party Locations

Beach themed parties can take place in three types of locations: indoors, outdoors, and on the beach.

  • Indoors: Indoor beach parties are a crazy way to chase away the winter blues, whether they are held at an indoor pool, an indoor water park, or just at home with a sandy theme.
  • Outdoors: A beach theme is perfect for pool parties or summer picnics, even if a real beach isn't available.
  • On the Beach: If a real beach is available, either at a lake or ocean, it is automatically the best spot for a beach party, though some additional decorating and arrangements may be necessary to accommodate a specialized beach theme.

Ideas for Beach Themed Parties

While a basic beach party with a few games and a barbeque or picnic menu can be easy to arrange, an elaborate theme can be more fun and entertaining. Popular options include:

  • Bikini Parties: These girly get-togethers are perfect for a day at the beach and may include shopping for new swim wear and beach accessories, pampering treatments, and plenty of tanning time.
  • Luau: Tropical luau party ideas on the beach are perfect for an afternoon or evening celebration and can be as casual or formal as desired. Tiki torches, grass skirts, and leis are perfect accessories for this beach theme.
  • Pirates: Say "Ahoy!" to fun with a pirate theme that includes buried treasure, water battles, and a Jolly Roger flying over the party site.
  • Surf's Up: A sunny surfing theme is a righteous way to organize a beach party for waves of fun. Include surfing or boogie board lessons for even more excitement.
  • Specific Destinations: Specialized beach themes can be created for exotic beach destinations by choosing specific party menu ideas, decorations, and music to reflect different cultures and geography. Key West, Jamaica, Hawaii, and the Bahamas are popular options.
  • Mermaid Mania: Particularly popular with young girls, a beach themed mermaid party can include fantasy under the sea decorations and swimming fun.
  • Beach Bash Movies: Choose your favorite beach movie or television show and make a splash with this party theme. Baywatch, Spongebob Squarepants, Blue Hawaii, and Gilligan's Island are popular options.
  • Seashells: Seashells, sand dollars, starfish, and tropical fish are elegant decorative accents for a sophisticated beach party.
  • Nicely Nautical: A sailing and nautical theme is perfect for a unique beach party, complete with a lighthouse, sailing ship, and captain's wheel accents.
  • Water Sports: An active party crowd will appreciate a beach sports theme with activities such as waterskiing, snorkeling, diving, beach volleyball, and more.

Bringing the Theme Together

The best beach parties coordinate different aspects of party planning with the chosen theme for a creative and outstanding event. From party invitations and party decorations to music, food, and games, beach parties can be thoroughly themed for a great time.

  • Invitations: Beach party invitations can be sophisticated notes embossed with an elegant palm tree or shell, or they may be more casual, fun invites with flip flops, fish, or beach ball invitation motifs.
  • Decorations: The beach party decorations should match the overall party theme. Mermaid props, for example, are not appropriate for a surfing themed event, while rope nets and sails are best suited to a nautical theme.
  • Food: The party menu can mimic the theme easily. Seafood is always appropriate, and key lime pie is perfect for a Key West destination theme while pineapple tidbits are great for a Spongebob Squarepants party.
  • Music: Fun, lively music is best for a beach party, from steel drum hits to 70s beach party music. The Beach Boys, reggae, and summertime hits are also appropriate.
  • Activities: A casual party may not need any planned activities beyond relaxing in the sun and surf, while a more structured party can include treasure hunts, swimsuit contests, volleyball, shell collecting, and other beach activities.
  • Favors: Party favors give guests a piece of the beach to enjoy long after the party has ended. Floral leis, collectible shells, miniature boats, water toys, squirt guns, or more specialized theme items are great favors for beach themes.

Special Notes


When planning a beach party, be sure to inform guests about any special considerations for the event such as:

  • Limited parking at the beach
  • Appropriate clothing, including swimwear
  • Facilities available such as changing rooms or locker rentals

Considerate party planners will also have sunscreen and towels available for all guests so everyone can enjoy the beach without worry.


Party stores regularly carry beach and luau themed party supplies. Online retailers also have a good selection of options, and the following merchants stock beach themed items:

Beach themed parties bring friends and family members together on the sand for great times in the sun. From casual events to formal affairs, the beach is the place to be for a good time.

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