Birthday Party Locations

Where to Party

While a birthday party at home can be fun, choosing a more unique birthday party location can make a great day even more memorable, no matter how old the guest of honor is. Before choosing a location, however, be sure to consider ages, cost per guest, and the size of the group – then be prepared to have fun!


Many public playgrounds have picnic facilities and can be fun places to host a casual birthday party for young children. To make the event even more fun, visit a new playground or one with more extensive equipment to enjoy. Before bringing a large group to the playground, however, contact the city to check if a license or permit is required.

Birthday Bears

Toy building stores such as the Build-A-Bear workshop stores are fun places to host a small birthday party where every guest will get to take home their own furry friend. Group sizes may be limited, however, so check with the store before arranging the invitations and guest list.

Water Parks

A water park is a great place for a summer birthday party for older children and teenagers. Waterslides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and adventure areas can entertain guests for hours without any preplanned activities, though it is wise to arrange meeting times and places to check that everyone in the group is safe. For a winter birthday, consider an indoor water park.

Pizza Restaurants

A pizza café is a great option for a birthday party for any age. Pizza buffets are affordable and often have separate rooms that can be rented for special occasions, while more extensive restaurants may have a larger menu to choose from. To make the menu even more special, call ahead to arrange special request pizzas for the guest of honor.

Paint Your Own

Unique art studios often host group events for guests to paint their own clay pots, plates, or other sculptures for a very customized birthday party favor and a fun activity. If painting isn’t the right activity, check into cooking classes, karate lessons, or other activities that can be fun birthday party locations.

Bowling Alley

A bowling alley can be a great birthday party location for older children and adults. Most bowling alleys have snack bars or attached restaurants for party catering, and you may be able to arrange special music, black light bowling, or other unique tricks for the party.


A zoo is a great place for an animal lover’s birthday party. Many zoos offer behind-the-scenes tours where participants can learn how to be a zookeeper, feed animals, and join in other unique and memorable activities that will make the party one to always be cherished.


A movie theater is a fun spot for a birthday party. While larger theaters may not have private facilities available, check with smaller, less expensive theaters about the possibility of renting the entire facility for an early afternoon viewing before regular show times. If no private theaters are available, investigate group ticket rates for a movie-loving party.

Fun Centers

Family fun centers are great places for birthday parties the whole family can enjoy. Ball pits, arcades, miniature golf, simulators, go karts, and batting cages are just a few activities you might find at general fun centers, or look for bounce house or trampoline specialized fun centers for more unique birthday party locations.

Amusement Park

An amusement park is a great choice for a teenager’s birthday party. Group rates are frequently available on tickets for a dozen or more guests, and some parks even have discounts or free tickets available for the guest of honor or chaperones. Many parks do catering as well, letting you arrange an easy picnic or barbeque lunch for the party.

Miniature Golf

A miniature golf birthday party can be fun for children and teenagers, and many mini golf courses also have adjoining arcades and other activities. Parties for older guests, however, might be better with a round of golf at a local course followed by celebratory drinks at the clubhouse.


If the birthday boy or girl loves fish, sharks, or dolphins, an aquarium can be a great place for a birthday party. Multiple exhibits, touch tanks, and fish feeding opportunities can make the day special, or opt for a more expensive experience with a behind-the-scenes tour or dolphin encounter.


A dinosaur museum can be a great place for a birthday party for young children who love these "terrible lizards". Check for party arrangements with the museum, and you may even be able to arrange an overnight slumber party or other special activities to celebrate.

Fun Birthday Party Locations

No matter what locations you consider, remember that it is family members and friends that make a birthday fun. Choose the location, theme, and guest list carefully and the day will always be a fun celebration.

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Birthday Party Locations