Block Party Ideas

Fun Block Party Ideas

Join your neighborhood's committee and help develop fun block party ideas. Planning a successful block party involves the same basic elements as a regular party—decorations, food and entertainment. With a little organization and some great ideas, it's possible to throw an awesome block party without going broke.

Block Party Lighting Ideas
Paper lanterns are an excellent lighting choice, and not just for an Asian-themed party. Purchase them at a local party supply store or make them yourself in bright colors. Hang them in trees that line the parking or place them on the ground along the neighborhood street.

Party Decorations

Flags and banners are easy and cheap decoration ideas for an outdoor block party. String them between street lamps in the designated party area. Place a large banner welcoming neighbors to the event at the street entrance to the party.

Musical Entertainment

Music makes a party go from good to great. Instead of trying to pipe songs through a loudspeaker system, hire a local street musician band to play at your block party. However, the best idea is to get instrumental community members involved and playing at the party for their friends and neighbors.

Crafts for Kids

Activities for kids are crucial at any block party. Providing washable paints and sidewalk chalk in a designated area is sure to keep little ones busy during the day. Set up a section of the block just for kids' crafts that includes face painting, balloon animals or making bird feeders.

Games and Activities

In areas without a nearby playground, bringing in a few children's rides and games makes a block party extra special. Inflatable ball pits and slides are common party rentals and kids love using them. Set up a beanbag toss and rubber ducky float, too.

Block Party Food Ideas

Food is an essential part of any party, so your block party ideas need to include delicious dishes. Rent a commercial-sized grill and set up a work schedule so that everyone helps and gets a chance to enjoy the party. Purchase simple potato, macaroni and coleslaw salads at a grocery store and ask attendees to contribute a pan of bars or cookies to share.

Parade Pets Around the Block

Involve pet lovers in the neighborhood by hosting a pet parade or costume contest during the block party. Check with local authorities regarding a permit and then let everyone know the time and place to line up. This is an excellent way to kick off any block party.

Local Talent Show

Ask neighborhood members to serve on a panel of judges for a community talent show. Set up age divisions and let members show off their dancing, singing, magic skills and more. Give small prizes, such as gift certificates to area businesses, to the winners.

Block Party Finale

Once the party winds down, distribute sparklers to families so they can bring the party home. For groups with lots of funding, putting on an authorized fireworks display tops the evening off with a bang.

Brainstorm more block party ideas with your planning committee. Consider ideas in the LoveToKnow article Block Parties.

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Block Party Ideas