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Bob the Builder Birthday Cakes

Mary Gormandy White
A delicious birthday cake

Bob the Builder birthday cakes are among the most popular types of cakes for children's birthday parties. Young children tend to love everything about Bob the Builder. They enjoy playing with the toys, watching him on television and DVD, and even wearing clothing items that bear his image. Bob the Builder is among the most beloved of all animated characters, and youngsters are delighted to celebrate their birthdays with cakes, decorations, and party favors in this theme.

Making Bob the Builder Birthday Cakes

There are many different ways to create Bob the Builder birthday cakes, each of which will delight most children. You can make a cake that is very elaborate that shows off your cake decorating skills. However, if your cake decorating skills leave something to be desired, or if you just want to create a less labor-intensive cake, there are plenty of simple ways to create a Bob the Builder cake that your child and his or her friends will love.

The first step will be to bake the cake itself. Your child probably won't care if the cake is made from a mix or from scratch, so how you go about making the cake is up to you. Once you decide on the cake recipe or mix, the next decision you will need to make is the type of pan that you are going to use for the cake.

Bob the Builder Cake Pan

For several years, Wilton made and marketed an official Bob the Builder cake pan, which is shaped like the character and can be decorated to suit your fancy. If you are fortunate enough to have one of these pans, and you have the skills to decorate the cake with colorful frosting, this can be an ideal way to create a really cute birthday cake for your child.Even if you don't already own the official Bob the Builder cake pan, you might be lucky enough to find one if you are patient and look in the right places. Wilton recommends checking eBay as possible resources.

Standard Sheet Cake or Layer Cake

You don't have to have a special cake pan to create an adorable Bob the Builder birthday cake for your child. You can make the cake in any shape or size, and then use a combination of frosting, candy, and Bob the Builder action figurines for decorations.

Ideas for Decorating Your Bob the Builder Cake

One of the best ways to get creative ideas for making themed birthday cakes is to look at examples of cakes with the same theme. Viewing pictures of similar cakes can be a great source of ideas and inspiration to help you create a special Bob the Builder birthday cake for your child.

A great online resource for birthday cake ideas is the Coolest Birthday Cakes website. This site has photographs of many different types of Bob the Builder birthday cakes, including some baked in the official Wilton Bob the Builder pan, some made from sheet cakes, and some created with round layer cakes. All of the designs featured on the site are adorable and are sure to bring smiles to the faces of everyone at your child's birthday party.

Ordering a Bob the Builder Birthday Cake

If you would rather leave the cake baking and decorating to the professionals, your local bakery will most likely be thrilled to create a Bob the Builder cake for your child. Simply search the online telephone directory to find a custom bakery in your area.

Get Ready for the Party

To make your child's special day perfect, you might want to plan an overall Bob the Builder theme for his or her birthday party. Your local party store is likely to have a number of novelty items and party favors that will coordinate nicely with your cake.

Bob the Builder Birthday Cakes