Cat in the Hat Party Supplies

red and white party supplies
Red and white supplies, perfect for a Cat party theme

Pick up Cat in the Hat party supplies for your next Dr. Seuss themed birthday party. The loveable character from the popular book The Cat in the Hat makes creating a theme easy without spending a lot on supplies.

Colorful Cat in the Hat Supplies

The main colors in books featuring Cat in the Hat are red and white, with hints of blue. Choose basic party supplies that feature this color scheme. In fact, shopping for red, white and blue basics after the 4th of July holiday results in getting discount party supplies for an upcoming Cat in the Hat themed party.

The red and white striped hat that the Cat dons throughout the stories is a trademark of his, so consider picking up striped red and white supplies, too. Red and white stripes are a common Christmas decorating style, so look for striped supplies after the holidays.

Basic red, white and blue party supplies to pick up include:

  • Tableware: tablecloths, plastic silverware, paper plates and cups, napkins
  • Decorations: streamers, balloons, centerpieces, wall hangings
  • Game Supplies: prizes, favors

Of course, plenty of party supply stores offer themed Cat in the Hat party supplies for children's birthday parties. These supplies include banners, centerpieces, tableware and wall hanging decorations that have Cat in the Hat, Thing One and Thing Two and other characters from the story.

Homemade Cat in the Hat Party Supplies

Homemade party decorations and supplies are easy to create using the Cat in the Hat as inspiration. These party supplies cost just a few dollars to make and are so simple, even the least crafty person can complete them. Just give yourself a few days before the party to make the supplies, in case you run into problems.

Easy Decorations

Cut a large hat shape out of an empty appliance box. Paint it with red and white stripes to resemble the Cat's hat. Hang it on the front of your door to greet guests as they arrive at the party.

Place cheap fishbowls around the room, filled with blue water and fish. Remember that using live fish results in taking care of a pet, so try a funny alternative. Fill several small fishbowls with blue gelatin. Once it is half set, place plastic fish inside the gelatin, so they are suspended in the "water." Return to the refrigerator to set completely and then place around the party room.

Hang umbrellas and kites around the party room, where space allows. Try to pick up cheap ones in red, white or blue to match the rest of the color scheme.

Easy Activities

No party is complete without a few fun activities. The supplies for the activities are relatively easy to find and cheap, too.

  • Net Game: Grab a few nets like the ones used to capture Thing 1 and Thing 2 in the stories. Have the kids take turns doing a relay race, scooping up plush Seuss characters as they run back and forth.
  • Balancing Act: In the story, the Cat in the Hat balances a number of household items on his head. Find many of these items in your home and ask kids to try to balance as many as they can on their heads and in their hands. Look for plastic teacups, books, a plastic toy rake and a toy boat in your home. Whoever balances the most items the longest wins a prize.
  • Paw Print Hunt: Print cat paw print graphics off your home computer. Place them throughout the house or yard and send kids off on a hunt to reach the end. Consider making the end the party food area, complete with a Cat in the Hat themed cake.

Find More Seuss Supplies

Look beyond the typical party stores for Dr. Seuss supplies. Consider visiting a teacher's education store or flipping through educational catalogs to find great party supplies with a Seuss or Cat in the Hat theme. Because Dr. Seuss originally created the book as a reading primer, teachers often plan entire units around the popular author and character. Educational games are just as fun as other games, and may offer something different for the kids to do beyond the typical party activities.

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