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21 Christmas Party Games for Adults That Level-Up Holiday Fun

21 Christmas Party Games for Adults That Level-Up Holiday Fun

Christmas isn't just for kids, and neither are holiday party games. Get into the spirit and bring out the kid in all the grown ups with Christmas party games for adults. Keep reading »

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There are so many exciting party themes you can use for your holiday get together. Your biggest challenge will be picking just one! Easy, colorful and full of holiday spirit, party themes can make your party exceptional and a celebration your guests will be talking about for a long time.

Great Holiday Party Theme Ideas

Coming up with a party theme begins with a simple idea. This can be determined by the age of your guests, inspired by a holiday color scheme or a favorite holiday symbol or motif.

Creative Holiday Party Theme by Age

If you're planning a holiday party, one way to eliminate too many party theme ideas is to start with the age of your partygoers. For example, you wouldn't plan the same Halloween party theme for kindergarten aged children as you would for high school teenagers.

Choosing Great Holiday Themed Decorations

Once you've determined an age appropriate theme for your party, you're ready to consider party decorations to convey your theme. These can include symbols, icons, motifs, and color schemes.

Holiday Symbols and Motifs

Each holiday has specific symbols or motifs that are instantly recognized as part of that holiday celebration, such as Easter party motifs or Christmas season symbols. You need to decide on which symbols or motifs you wish to include in your party theme.

Holiday Party Color Schemes

In addition to specific motifs, some holidays have specific color schemes. The colors along with the symbols and motifs offer great holiday party decorations, such as red, white and blue for a 4th of July party, black and orange for a Halloween party, or purple, gold and green for a Mardi Gras party.

Family Holiday Party Themes

Many people take advantage of holidays to gather their families together. You can turn this family gathering into a fun holiday party with a few ideas, such as a Mother's Day party to honor all the moms in your family.

Take It Outside

You can set the mood for your guests before they enter your home with outside party decorations. A spooky Halloween themed front yard is sure to get your guests in a spooky mood.

Unique Holiday Party Themes

You can take your holiday party theme up a level with creative ideas, such as hosting a Halloween scavenger hunt for adults or a party just for dogs! You might decide that a Halloween dinner party is the perfect party theme for this year's celebration, only interrupted by an occasional trick or treater.

Fun Holiday Party Theme Games

When planning your next holiday party, give an old favorite a new spin, such as Valentine's Day Bingo or games just for adults. Introduce a game at a traditional party where games aren't commonly played, such as a New Year's Eve Party.

Exploring Exciting Holiday Party Themes

You can make your holiday party extra special with the right party theme. Break out your favorite holiday recipes and holiday music playlist for the perfect final touches your guests will appreciate and enjoy!

Holiday Party Themes