Holiday Party Themes

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Fireworks are a common sight during Chinese New Year celebrations.

The holidays are an excellent time to throw a party. In fact, the holiday can often serve as the theme itself. Planning a party around these special occasions simplifies the process and makes it easy to find solutions for every aspect of your gathering, from your menu to the activities.

Creative Holiday Party Ideas

Take advantage of all the possibilities for a themed party and include the holiday in every detail. You can find holiday party invitations, tableware, and decorations for virtually any holiday. Use the holiday as inspiration for your menu plan, too. Add a special touch to your holiday gathering with ideas such as:

  • Menu planning: Create a festive menu for a 4th of July party or mix up some spooky drinks for a Halloween party.
  • Holiday decorations: Add holiday decorations for your annual New Year's Eve party to liven up the mood and add an extra element of fun.
  • Party inspiration: Browse through a variety of slideshows for inspiration, as well. Check out images of table decorations, ideas for outdoor parties, and even colors to use for a Mardi Gras party.

Activities to Enjoy

Tailor the activities around the holiday theme, as well as the age of the party-goers. Great games and activities will keep everyone involved in the festivities.

  • Play some games at the office Christmas party to break the ice and get everyone mingling.
  • Hold a cookie exchange with your friends during Christmas.
  • Be creative and host an Easter egg hunt in your own backyard.
  • Feature a range of classroom games at your child's Valentine party to turn the traditional party into something special.
  • Sing some silly and fun songs at your Halloween party.

Fun for All Seasons

Holiday themes make any seasonal celebration memorable and fun. A holiday-themed party is exciting for everyone invited and is a great way to tie the entire event together.

Holiday Party Themes