Chinese New Year Invitations

Chinese New Year Invitation
Download this free invitation.

Get your Chinese New Year celebration started right with unique and theme-appropriate invitations. You can find invitations for free, purchase them, or even make them yourself.

Download Printable New Year Celebration Invitations

Invite your guests to the festivities with a free invitation you can download with Adobe and customize. The design to the upper left features a lucky dragon on a red print background with a separate area for your party details. Printing on card stock produces a sturdier invitation, but you can use paper if you prefer. Feel free to print as many invitations as you need.

More Chinese New Year Invitations

Chinese New Year invitations are still a bit of a niche product, and you may have difficulty finding prepackaged cards. As greeting card companies diversify their lines, consumers can expect to find more options in the future. Luckily, there are several websites that offer invitations now. Some are free while others must be purchased.

For Purchase

Asian fan invitation
Asian fan invitation (c) Shindigz
  • Purple Trail sells a variety of classic Chinese designs including several with the new year's animal, lanterns, Chinese characters, and more. Pricing starts around $1 per card.
  • Shindigz will personalize Asian fan invitations for a party to remember. Pricing begins around $1.80 per fan for a minimum order of 50.

For Free

  • Island Greetings offers several invitations with non-traditional designs of standard new year's symbolism, including lanterns, pagodas, and a colorful Chinese dragon.
  • 123Greetings offers four Chinese New Year invitations you can customize and send online. These invitations feature animation, music, and cute versions of the year's animal.

Make Your Own Invitations

Of course, the best way to get the exact design you want is to make your own custom invitations. If you're crafty, you could use rubber stamps or scrapbooking techniques to create unique invites. You could also use a desktop publishing or card-making program to design invitations on your computer. Kids can even get involved and create invitations with construction paper and markers.

Traditional Symbols

To create homemade invitations, you'll want to include some traditional Chinese New Year symbolism in your design.

  • Animals: Each year is designated the year of one of the Chinese zodiac signs. Whether it's the Year of the Rat or the Year of the Boar, the appropriate animal will add to the authenticity of your theme.
  • Paper lanterns: The Lantern Festival concludes each year's celebration.
  • Chinese characters: The Chinese writing system is a distinctive facet of the country's culture, and a single character can create a striking accent on a party invitation. If you're making your own cards, just be sure you know the correct meaning of the character you plan to use. Characters related to luck, health, and prosperity are especially appropriate for this theme.
  • The color red: Red is considered a lucky color, and it is prominently featured in Chinese New Year decorations.
  • Blooming plants: Flourishing plants and flowers symbolize new life and growth.
  • Dragons: The dragon is another important symbol of good luck and strength.
  • Fireworks: Fireworks are an essential part of traditional Chinese New Year festivities.

Consider creating your invitations in a fun, cut-out shape. You could also add clip art images as accents.

Bring Everyone Together for Chinese New Year

No matter which style of invitation you choose, it will have served its purpose well if it brings family and friends together for an evening of fun. So get those invitations ready and let everyone know you're having a celebration.

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Chinese New Year Invitations