Chinese New Year Traditions

Chinese New Year Traditions

There are many Chinese New Year traditions that both young and old enjoy. The Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China. It lasts for 15 days and marks the first day of the lunar calendar. There are many traditions that go along with the celebration of the new year.

Good Fortune

There are many foods eaten for good luck and fortune. Lotus seed, citrus fruit, sesame balls and moon cakes are quite commonly present at the celebration.

Light Up The Night

The 15th day of the new year is called the Lantern Festival. It is celebrated at night with displays of lanterns. There are also parades with children carrying lanterns.

Symbols and Tradition

Tangerines and red envelopes are two symbols commonly seen for the Chinese New Year. The tangerine represents abundant happiness while the red envelope symbolizes good luck and is thought to ward off evil spirits.

Join The Celebration

The lion is seen as an important symbol for the new year. The lion dance is a common tradition at celebrations. Gold is an important element of Chinese culture, and when it is displayed, it is thought to attract good fortune and wealth.

Spectacular Displays

Fireworks displays mark the new year. Spectacular displays are seen all over China celebrating the big event. China remains the largest manufacturer of fireworks in the world.

God of Wealth

This traditional mammon figure is of the God of Wealth. It is used for celebrating the lunar new year. The belief is that the fifth day of the new year is Mammon's birthday, so a celebration occurs consisting of a feast of rich foods for the family to enjoy.

Decorations With Meaning

Chinese New Year traditions include displaying certain symbols such as the tiger to promote health, strength and braveness. The tiger is a popular symbol in Chinese folklore. It is an animal represented on the Chinese zodiac and is used for decorations as well. This cloth tiger is often used to ward off evil spirits and to protect wealth.

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Chinese New Year Traditions