Christmas Family Holiday Party Ideas

Plan some fun for the family!

If you're having a big bash this season, you'll definitely find some use for fun Christmas family holiday party ideas. What's more enticing than a warm get-together for the entire clan and the promise of some serious fun? It's the perfect way to make the holiday complete!

Christmas Family Holiday Party Ideas

Whether you're planning something low-key and relaxed or elaborate and ostentatious, you probably have one particular goal you'd like to achieve: make the event meaningful for the entire family. That's easily accomplished just by gathering everyone in one spot! Here are a few Christmas family holiday party ideas to get you on your way.

Location, Location, Location

If you'd rather not have your party at home, consider booking a table at a restaurant everyone loves, renting a hall in a community facility, or holding the event in a recreation room if you or another relative lives in a building that offers one. When considering a location, decide who will be invited to the party. Will you be inviting just close family members or opening it up to the extended family? Accommodating a specific number of people is an important factor when deciding on a party location. You will want to have plenty of room for all your guests.

Throw a Dinner Party

Don't worry. You don't need to ask your family to show up in their fanciest attire for a big to-do being held in the comfy confines of your humble abode. Nor do you need to spend hours preparing a fancy meal. Instead, put a twist on the traditional dinner party by centering the meal on one particular food or cuisine. A few examples include:

  • Sundae Night: Go on, it's a holiday! Skip the traditional party fare and make this a night to remember - with all the fixings for ice cream sundaes. Toppings like candies, sprinkles, whipped cream, fruit and nuts line one side of the table; tubs of ice cream line the other. Don't forget to pick up plenty of festive dishes at your local party store to give it an authentic holiday vibe. Also, take advantage of the limited edition ice creams available during the holiday season, such as eggnog, peppermint and pumpkin flavors.
  • Breakfast for Dinner: No one can resist a delicious breakfast spread. Line up your table with a potpourri of festive jams and syrups, a selection of sweet breads, rich pastries, muffins and plenty of coffee, hot chocolate and tea.
  • Traditional: A traditional Christmas feast is always a success. Whether you lay the food out buffet style or serve it formally, you can almost guarantee that dinner will be flawless with this type of menu. Typically, it includes ham or turkey, a variety of side dishes and, of course, plenty of dessert.

Festive Food

If you decide that your Christmas gathering will center around traditional family recipes, don't take on the task of preparing everything yourself. Instead, ask family members for help. Each person could bring one of their favorite family recipes to the party or you can assemble a few cooks in the kitchen to help you with the task of cooking. Every family has recipes that are special to them so think a few that are significant to yours and serve them this season. For example, do you have your grandmother's secret apple pie recipe? If so, print it out on recipe cards and share it with the rest of your family at the party. Prepare that recipe for dessert and enjoy it as a family.

Don't Forget the Kids

It's highly likely that children will be in attendance. A few seasonal Christmas party games and activities will ensure that the kids get into the holiday spirit and have a great time doing so.

  • Christmas Idol: Fans of American Idol will love this game that puts a festive twist on the show's premise. Choose three kids to be the contest's judges - its very own Simon, Paula and Randy. The remaining kids each perform a Christmas song. The "judges" choose the winner.
  • Human Trees: This is one tree you won't spend too much time taking down. Separate the kids into equal groups. One person from each group is named the "tree." The remaining members are then given the task of decorating the "tree" with tinsel, stars and ornaments. Just be sure the ornaments aren't delicate.
  • Snowman Contest: If you are lucky enough to have snow on Christmas, gather everyone together for a snowman sculpting contest. Divide your family members into teams and see who creates the best snowman. You can give prizes for biggest, smallest, most creative, etc.

Fun For All Ages


People of all ages can enjoy a variety of holiday activities. Some ideas to include that will appeal to kids and adults are:

Make Lasting Memories

Gathering the family together for a Christmas celebration is sure to make plenty of special memories. From decorating the family Christmas tree to singing a few favorite Christmas songs, preserve those memories on film or video. You can purchase a large scrapbook and give each family member a chance to create a special page of their own. The scrapbook can be pulled out each holiday season and enjoyed by all. Christmas parties are a great way to bond as a family and enjoy the current season while reminiscing about the past ones.

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Christmas Family Holiday Party Ideas