Church Party Games

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Playing church party games is something many organizations do within religious groups. While many times, the games relate to the Bible, a lesson or a teaching, some outdoor games are simply group building exercises for everyone to enjoy.

Biblical Church Party Games

Religious party games are an excellent way to reinforce a lesson learned at church or general Biblical principles. They are a good alternative to typical question and answer sessions and provide an icebreaker for new members of church groups.

Find Good Game Ideas

Game ideas are often included in leader packets, lesson plans or on websites particular to a church branch. These are perfect supplemental games to the teachings of the church. Children often enjoy silly games, such as ones that lead them on a quest or scavenger hunt. Try using Kid's Sunday School Place to find games for children, where free games are marked by a blue dot. Teenage party games are often rambunctious or give them pause to consider various courses of action. EGAD! Ideas offers hundreds of game ideas perfect for youth organizations.

Adults, on the other hand, might prefer a more organized party game. Religious versions of popular television shows, such as Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, are good choices for adults. Board games, like Late for the Sky Bibleopoly or Inklings Bible Game, are also popular crowd pleasers. Set up a round-robin tournament for game players or have several different games set up in various party areas so everyone can choose his or her favorite game.

Non-Biblical Games

Not every game needs to be related to religion in order to play it at church. However, it usually must meet some basic standards or be approved by a leader or pastor at the church. For example, many churches have dart teams that also play at parties and other gatherings. Even though the game is not related directly to the Bible, people are still sharing in fellowship with other believers while playing.

Outdoor Games for Church Groups

Many outdoor games are played at church picnics, youth group meetings or vacation Bible school sessions. These games need to be appropriate adult games and children's games, since many times a wide range of ages participate together. Organize by having teams of mixed genders and ages so that teams and large group game play are fair.

Egg Relay

Divide players into teams of 10. Half of each team needs to line up across from the other half, with around 10 to 20 feet between the sides. The front person is given a hardboiled egg on a spoon. When the referee shouts "go," the front person must run to his or her teammate across the way without dropping the egg. If the egg is dropped, the person must start over. Once he or she reaches the other side, he hands the egg on the spoon to the teammate, who then crosses again. The first team to have all their teammates finish is the winner.

Disciple May I

Add a little twist to the traditional game "Mother May I" by making it "Disciple May I." Rules are similar to the original version, with one player at the front as the Disciple. He or she then responds to questions from the rest of the group, phrased as "Disciple may I take seven large steps forward?" It is up to the disciple to answer yes or no. The object of the game is to be the first person to reach the Disciple.An alternative to this game is to take it indoors and play it using various moral and ethical situations. The group leader can have various questions written down and then students need to ask the Disciple the question. The Disciple needs to answer using Biblical reasoning for the situation. Each question can go to a different Disciple, so no one is in the "hot seat" too long.

Water Balloon Toss

Fill small water balloons with water. Have everyone find a partner. Place partners across from each other with just a foot or so between them. The partners must toss the water balloon back and forth to each other, taking a step back with each throw. The last team to break the balloon is the winning team.

Church party games are fun ways to break a Bible study lesson up or to have a great time during a social gathering. Play a game with your fellow believers at the next get together.

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Church Party Games