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College Football Party Supplies

Amy Hoover
football party

Stock up with college football party supplies so the next time your team is on the field, you will not be rushing to the store during the pre-game analysis.

Go Team

The most important part of decorating for a college football party is to pay homage to your alma mater. Whether you are still enrolled in school or have not set foot in the classroom in over three decades, the point is to highlight the team itself. Do this by adding the following items to your decorations:

  • College pennants
  • Jerseys (real or replicated)
  • Photos and prints from actual games
  • Pom-poms in school colors
  • Foam #1 fingers
  • Current and previous season posters
  • Team-colored plates, napkins and cups
  • Game memorabilia

The best source for these supplies is the college bookstore. Both on-campus and off-campus bookstores offer plenty of fun party decorations perfectly suited for cheering on the home team. Gaining access to these bookstore supplies can be difficult for people who have moved far from their college campus. In these cases, check the bookstore's online shop.

Football Fun

The college team is important to highlight throughout the décor, but it can get expensive to purchase only licensed products featuring the team. To help cut down on expenses, consider picking up some more generic football party supplies, such as:

  • Football-shaped serving platters
  • Plastic cupcake and cake toppers and picks
  • Miniature helmets scattered on mantels and end tables
  • Plenty of soft footballs for tossing
  • Balloons featuring footballs
  • Streamers in team colors
  • Football confetti

Adults and kids who pick up college football party supplies may want to throw a few autumn party decorations into the basket, too. The seasonal fan favorite game is in its glory during the time when leaves are falling from the trees. A few garlands or centerpieces can dress up an otherwise athletic decorating scheme.

Of course, no one will know what time to arrive at the football-themed bash unless invitations were sent to everyone in full pigskin style. Create custom invitations using college stationary and a home printer. Alternatively, use a black felt marker and write all of the pertinent information on a pennant-shaped flyer. If the game is part of a college party theme for youths still enrolled, consider just sending out some online invitations to everyone from class and the dorm.

Party Food Supplies

Food and sporting events go together like cleats on a field. Supplies sure to go quickly include:

  • Napkins
  • Ice cubes
  • Snack mixes
  • Potato chips
  • Beverages (soda, beer, juice)

Buying ice in bulk ensures that the freezer icemaker will not get behind. Storing extra pop and alcoholic drinks in the garage keeps them chilled and ready to drink. If snack food goes uneaten, keep the bags closed until the next big party.

Additional College Football Party Supplies

A college football party can be extra special by adding a few creative touches to the supply list. One thing is to look into borrowing a large chalkboard from a local school district or even buying one if it can be used in a kid's room later on. Create a big scoreboard for everyone to use at home. Kids will love being scorekeepers and it will be a great talking point for guests.

A large party for a college game can turn into a massive bash, especially during play-offs. Children may not be as interested in tuning into the big game as their parents, so consider calling a party supply rental store to find out if you can rent a bounce house or large blow-up sports field to keep children occupied.

Go easy on yourself when it comes to party favors. The perfect solution for both young and old is to purchase temporary tattoos featuring footballs or the team mascot.

Finally, remember to make cleanup easy. Buy cheap plastic sheeting and cover any carpeting in main rooms. This is essential if the party has the potential to become a wild college party or if the invited fans are known for getting overly excited during tense game moments.

Even if the college team loses the big football game, guests will remember all the fun they had at the party. Keeping all of the necessary supplies on hand will mean you catch the 50-yard return instead of being stuck in the car, driving to get more ice.

College Football Party Supplies