Dinosaur Party Menu

Dinosaur Party Menu

If you're looking to plan a dinosaur party menu for the little archeologists in your life, you'll find plenty of dinosaur party resources.

Planning a Dinosaur Party

Planning the perfect dinosaur party starts with themed invitations, wrapping paper and prehistorically linked giveaways and party games. Simple decorations using sidewalk chalk can set the stage to not only usher in the dinosaur theme but also allow kids to help with the decorations. Make a large template of a dinosaur footprint for children to trace. These footprints can be put in place prior to the start of the party or can be included as part of the planned activities. If you decide to include all the children in this aspect of the decorating, let each one trace and decorate an individual dinosaur footprint. However, if there are younger children, you may want them to work in teams.

Dinosaur Party Menu Ideas

Dinosaur party menu ideas can be as much fun to prepare as they are to eat. Be creative. Consider popular prehistoric props and buy or make them to create a unique theme for your little dinosaur lover.

Dinosaur Eggs

  • Hard boil eggs and let the children decorate the dinosaur eggs to be hidden in a dinosaur egg hunt. After all the eggs are found and prizes awarded, these eggs can be used as a no-sugar menu treat.
  • Prehistoric egg-shaped candy like Prehistoric Dinosaur Candy Eggs are another menu option. These candy eggs hold an orange fruit dinosaur shaped snack surrounded by milk chocolate and a crunchy shell. This sweet prehistoric choice is manufactured by the Jelly Belly Candy Company.


  • Another dinosaur party menu treat involves excavating fossils. Using chocolate pudding as the "mud," bury Gummy Pet Dinosaurs for the children to excavate and devour.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

At the center of a birthday dinosaur party menu is the cake or Dinosaur Cupcakes. One of the easiest cakes to make is an egg-shaped cake, decorated with a jagged looking crack revealing one emerging baby dinosaur claw. Other cake possibilities include:

  • Volcano Cake - makes a fun centerpiece to include in your dinosaur party menu. To create this masterpiece, prepare and bake the cake in an oven-proof bowl. Make sure it is cooked in the middle, and then once it's cooled turn the bowl onto a plate to remove the volcano-shaped cake. Frost most of the cake with chocolate frosting except near the top where you'll use red lava frosting. Drizzle the red frosting down the sides of the cake like streams of hot lava.

Petrified Ice Cream

When planning a dinosaur party menu, you'll want to include ice cream with that cake. An ideal choice is Petrified Dinosaur Food, which is really freeze dried natural mint chocolate ice green. But it's green! However, any ice cream can really do if you find the right name for it.

Dinosaur Sandwiches

If you really think about it, with a little creativity, you can use regular, everyday food items to create a dinosaur themed snack or meal. Watch an old episode of the Flintstones and see what they had to eat. Any burger can turn into a Brontosaurus burger. For standard sandwiches you can a use cookie cutter and cut out the center of pre-made sandwiches to create a prehistoric treat.

Other Packaged or Easy-to-Make Treats

The convenience of packaged treats cuts down on preparation time. If you're looking for easy to make dinosaur snacks for preschoolers, you'll find plenty of recipes for easy-to-make dinosaur themed snacks.

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Dinosaur Party Menu