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Consider creative Eagle Scout invitation wording ideas for your next scouting ceremony invitation.

About Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout is a ranking used by the Boy Scouts of America. It is considered the highest ranking and the person who achieves it will hold this status for life. In order to become an Eagle Scout, a boy must meet requirements in leadership, service, and outdoor skills. He also must earn various merit badges. This is not a status easily achieved by every Boy Scout so to become an Eagle Scout is a prestigious achievement. Eagle Scouts take part in many worthy projects such as scanning at airport security, visiting those who are hospitalized and sending flags to soldiers. Every project is done with the utmost respect and must follow Eagle Scout guidelines.

There are various ceremonies and awards given to Eagle Scouts where it is appropriate to invite guests to recognize the scout's achievements. These events are by invitation only and by the discretion of the troop and the scout and his family.

Eagle Scout Events

Court of Honor is a special event that occurs once an Eagle Scout passes his board of review. This event requires an invitation to be sent to those who have helped the scout reach this achievement. Invitations should be sent at least four weeks in advance. Some people to consider inviting are community and government officials. They include:

  • Mayor
  • Police Chief
  • Fire Chief
  • Superintendent of Schools

In addition, the entire troop, family and friends are encouraged to attend this special ceremony. Eagle Scouts also have other events such as awards and recognition ceremonies.

Eagle Scout Invitation Wording Ideas

Preprinted invitations are available at scout shops as well as from the national organization. However, some scouts prefer to create their own to stand out and be creative. If you decide to design your own, keep the following points in mind. Define who, what, when and where on the invitation. Be sure that the invitation is clearly worded and printed in a font style that is easy to read. Some ideas for Eagle Scout invitation wording include the following:

Sample One

Eagle Scout's Name invites you to the Eagle Scout Court of Honor

On Date

At Time

At Location

Following the ceremony, light refreshments will be served. If you can attend, please RSVP to Contact.

Sample Two

The parents of Eagle Scout's Name

request the pleasure of your company at

the Eagle Scout Court of Honor.

Please join us at


At Time on Date

Guests are requested to wear Scouting attire or business attire.

Prior to the ceremony, a formal dinner will be served. Please respond to Contact by Date if planning to attend.

Sample Three

You are cordially invited to attend an Eagle Scout Court of HonorFor Name

At Location

At Time

On Date

Scouting or business attire is preferred. Refreshments will be served after the ceremony.

Regrets only to Contact.

Sample Four

You are invited to attend Name of Eagle Scout's Award Ceremony



Time: Please RSVP by Date to Contact Person

Sample Five

We cordially extend to you our invitation to attend the ceremony to formally bestow the rank of Eagle Scout upon our son, Name


Time Place


Other Considerations

If you have decided to design your own invitation, some unique ideas to consider are the following:

  • Use a photo of the scout in his uniform.
  • Download the Eagle Scout badge to use on the invitation.
  • Use an image of an eagle or the American flag on the invitation.

If there is to be a special guest or speaker at the ceremony, this can be noted on the invitation as well. Any other special considerations such as wearing scouting attire or dressing a certain way should also be mentioned on the invitation.

Additional Information

For more detailed information about the Eagle Scouts, check out one of the following sites:

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Eagle Scout Invitation Wording