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Easter eggs

Many people plan Easter parties, whether they are religious or not. From religious services to fun egg relay races, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this spring holiday. Emphasis is traditionally on the meal shared with family and friends.

Plan Easter Celebrations

Start planning your Easter celebration early. Make sure friends and family know they are invited to join in your festivities before they commit to someone else's party. Send out invitations at least two weeks in advance, as this holiday is a popular one for hosting parties.

Religious Celebrations

Religious plans often focus on Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead and saving humanity from sin. Easter celebrations with a religious focus may loosely follow this schedule:

  1. Easter sunrise church service
  2. Breakfast at the church after service
  3. Easter egg hunt with children, either at home or with church family
  4. Reading the Easter story from the Bible or Christian children's book at home
  5. Preparing the Easter dinner together
  6. Prayers by family members before the meal
  7. Meal together at family table

Even though Christians view Easter as a religious holiday, many families still incorporate some secular fun with egg hunts and baskets. However, children might receive chocolate crosses and prayer books in their basket instead of more secular toys.

Secular Celebrations

The plans for a nonreligious Easter celebration may have a schedule similar to the following:

  1. Hunt for baskets from the Easter Bunny
  2. Breakfast
  3. Photographs with a costumed Easter Bunny at the mall, city egg hunt or other celebration
  4. Crafts and games for kids and adults
  5. Easter egg hunt
  6. Dinner

A secular celebration may also have more of a spring party theme rather than a traditional Easter theme.

Easter Dinner

Whether you're hosting a religious, secular or combination party, most people will expect a delicious meal to be the focal point of the day. Traditional fare is always a sure bet, but try something unique for a little twist like a brunch.

Brunch Menu

A brunch hosted at 10 or 11 a.m. is a great alternative to the traditional dinner. Easter brunch recipes are typically easy to make and enjoyed by everyone. Consider using this menu:

  • Ham and broccoli quiche
  • Scalloped potatoes
  • Spinach and strawberry salad
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Assorted muffins and scones
  • Fruit medley

Coffee, tea, milk, water and apple juice are excellent drink choices for the brunch. If desired, serve mimosas.

Unique Menu Ideas

The meal does not have to be traditional to be tasty; the are a number of gourmet options to consider. Consider hosting an "around the world" theme, where each dish represents a traditional dish from a different country. A simple appetizer and dessert menu is easy to plan and prepare, and is perfect for a mid-afternoon celebration. Finally, consider hosting a casual potluck party where you provide the main dish and guests bring a salad or dessert.

Easter Activities

While the main focus of the gathering is usually the meal, it doesn't mean you can't have some fun. Get everyone in on the Easter excitement by holding one of these fun activities.

Fun Ideas for Easter

Egg Hunt Ideas

An egg hunt is a favorite for any Easter party.

  • Neighborhood egg hunt: This idea is great if you are close with the local neighbors. A couple weeks in advance, send out flyers to everyone you want to participate in the egg hunt. On the day of the event, all participating neighbors will hide eggs in their individual yards, and then put out the flyer where everyone can see. Kids can then go from yard to yard to collect their Easter treasures.
  • "Show me the Easter eggs" hunt: To play, put a piece of paper with a number from one to five in colored plastic eggs, and then hide them in your yard along with eggs with candy inside. On the day of the party, all participants will be allowed to collect a set number of eggs (you decide the number). Whoever has the highest number of points wins a special prize.
  • Color-coded eggs hunt: If you have a mixture of younger and older kids attending your party, this is a great idea to ensure that everyone has fun. Assign a specific color of egg to each age group. This way, all the big kids won't snatch up everything before the little ones get a chance to find anything.

More Easter Activities

Plan one of these fun Easter games or activities to supplement the egg hunt.

  • Egg decorating : Have all the participating kids each bring a dozen boiled eggs. Set up different food colored dyes for dipping.
  • Eggs in a jar: Fill a small jar with small chocolate eggs. Whoever has the closest guess to the number of eggs wins a prize.
  • "Easter Bunny Says" game: Just like Simon Says, substitute it with the phrase "Easter Bunny Says." You can have someone dress up as a bunny for added fun.
  • Pin the tail on the Easter bunny: Find a large picture of an Easter bunny and hang it on a wall in a room with plenty of space. Make several adhesive "tails" for the kids playing the game. Use a blindfold, and cover the eyes of the player. Spin that child around and let him or her try to stick the "tail" on the bunny. Whoever is closest, wins the game.
  • Egg relay race: To prepare for this game, get several boiled eggs and some large wooden spoons. Divide the players into two teams who will stand at opposite ends of the room (or small yard). When they meet, have the other participants yell "spin" or "walk like a duck," and then the person who has just had the egg passed to him or her must make it all the way to the other end while performing this action.

Festive Easter Gatherings

A festive Easter party doesn't have to be a lot of work. Have a schedule to stay on track, plan a tasty menu and have plenty of fun activities for everyone. Guests will have a great time at this spring holiday party!

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