Extreme Bachelorette Party

Renting a party boat is extremely fun.
Renting a party boat is extremely fun.

Plan an extreme bachelorette party that goes beyond the typical girls' night out on the local bar scene. After all, this night is the last hurrah for your best gal pal as she prepares to get married.

Extreme Adults-Only Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties are not known for being as wild and crazy as bachelor parties. Yet the ladies can get just as crazy as the gents before the wedding day arrives. Host an extreme bachelorette party and send the bride-to-be into marriage with memories of an awesome good time with her closest friends.

Marital Aids Party

Home-based parties are not limited to just food storage containers or makeup. Now, you can get anything you ever dreamed of and more for the boudoir at a fun party just for women. The guests can pick up a little something for themselves or choose something extra special for the bride-to-be. Contact companies in your area, like:

Pole Dancing Lessons

Pole dancing, something exotic dancers/strippers do at gentlemen's clubs across the U.S., is fast becoming a favorite new workout and dance routine for the average woman. Hire an exotic dance instructor or pole dancing workout trainer to teach everyone at the bachelorette party some sexy new moves for the club. Tell everyone to bring their fitness clothes, comfortable shoes and clubbing outfits so you can head out to show off your new moves after the lesson is over.

Destination Parties

Bachelorette parties with an extreme theme do not always have to be bawdy for a good time. Luxurious bachelorette parties also fall into the extreme category. Instead of doing the typical Las Vegas weekend, try heading out somewhere different for the bachelorette party:

  • Atlantic City: Get your gamble on while taking in the sites of the East Coast.
  • Napa Valley: Enjoy delicious wine tastings and tours amidst the gorgeous background of California wine country.
  • Orlando: Before taking a huge step into adulthood with marriage, re-visit your youth by checking out the tourist traps in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Playboy Theme

Come up with some combination bachelor and bachelorette party ideas that are more extreme than the usual co-ed party bus. One great, and cheap, idea is to host a Playboy Mansion themed party at someone's home. It works even better if the host happens to have a pool, just like the mansion itself. Ask the guys to wear silk pajamas and hand out robes to them at the front door. Request that women wear either black bodysuits or swimsuits or skimpy bikinis with their highest heels. Give out bunny ears and tails as they arrive.Stock the bar with top shelf liquor. Hire a bartender if you do not want to ask someone to staff the bar the entire evening. Play the latest hits on the stereo and get the party started with some great bachelorette party games.

Extreme Bachelorette Party Ideas Sans Alcohol

Even if the bridal party or guest list includes some persons under age 21, or the guest list/bride-to-be is on the conservative side, you can still plan an extreme bachelorette party. Extreme does not always refer to a drunken or raunchy time; instead, think up a radical idea that you haven't seen anyone do for a bachelorette party in your area. Here are some alcohol-free extreme ideas for your bride-to-be and her guests:

  • Road Trip: Consider going on an all-girls road trip. Be a tourist in your own state, hitting all the sites you've been meaning to visit. Rent a camper or recreational vehicle and head out camping in one of the many state parks across the U.S.
  • Fortune Telling: Hire a psychic, fortuneteller or palm reader to be the entertainment at the bachelorette party. Get everyone started with some party ice breakers while everyone who wants to gets a chance for their fortune to be told in a separate area. Then invite everyone to watch as the bride-to-be gets her fortune told about her upcoming life with the groom.
  • Extreme Sporting: Just because a woman is donning a fluffy white dress in a few weeks does not mean she cannot embrace her tomboy side. Go on an extreme sporting excursion, where everyone participates in activities like snowboarding, 4-wheeling, rock climbing or jet skiing.

The best bachelorette parties are the ones planned with the bride's personality and wishes in mind. Take it to the next extreme by going crazy, adding some luxurious touches or doing something no one on the guest list has done before.

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Extreme Bachelorette Party