Family Reunion Games

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Family reunion games add a fun element to any reunion, and give family members a chance to interact with one another. They also bring a lot of laughter and many opportunities for great photos and family videos.

Fun Family Reunion Games

It can be tricky to plan games for a family reunion. Figuring out something that everyone will enjoy is not an easy task. Rest assure that there are many games that you can test on your relatives that will be appropriate for both kids and adults. Many childhood favorites can be done with a creative twist and will appeal to guests of all ages.

Family Trivia

Make up question and answer cards with trivia based on your family, its history, and fun facts. For example, use special dates like anniversaries or birthdays, ask what someone's middle or maiden name is, or recall funny moments from past reunions, asking who said or did something memorable. Divide your guests into teams, and let them take turns answering the questions. If one team gets a question wrong, pass that question on to the next team. The winning team is the one with the most correct answers when all of the cards have been used. This game can be played anywhere making it ideal for all situations.

Family Photo Bingo

Create bingo cards using family members' photos instead of the numbers. Then make calling cards, or label balls with the corresponding call letters and photos. It's a really fun take on a bingo game when everyone plays. If this version is too complicated, a game of old fashioned bingo is always a hit.

Family Scavenger Hunt

In this scavenger hunt, your guests will be searching for character traits and experiences rather than actual items. Print out a list of things that everyone is looking for. The list can include things such as:

  • Honeymooned in Hawaii
  • Has an interesting birthmark
  • Has never tasted asparagus
  • Loves jazz music

Then, hand out the lists and have everyone mingle and talk. As they discover family members that match up with the items on the list, they write down the name of that person on their sheets. The winner is the first person to complete their list with names.

Happy family

Capture the Flag

This is a great game to play with a group of adults, as almost every generation has played it in some shape or form over the years. To pull off a decent game you will need enough space to play - either a spacious backyard or local park field will do the trick. You'll also need to obtain two brightly colored rags or handkerchiefs to serve as the "flags" for each team.

Break your family members up into two teams, making sure to evenly distribute the old with the young. Each team then hides its flag. By attempting to break through a center boundary, you must steal the other team's flag and make it back to home base without being tagged. If you do happen to get tagged, you become a "prisoner" of the other team, until one of your free teammates tags you back in.

Mummy Wrap

Mummy wrap

This game is great for any age, and you get the opportunity to see just how speedy the senior citizens of your clan can be. It can be played either indoors or out. To play the mummy wrap game, split the family into two teams. Using several rolls of toilet paper, one person from each team is chosen to be the "mummy." The other teammates wrap those people in toilet paper until they are completely mummified. Whichever team covers up every part of its mummy first (except the eyes and nose) wins.

Family Feud

If you are looking for a game that is a bit more sedentary, a good old-fashioned trivia game may do the trick. Before the reunion starts, gather random facts about the various family members in attendance. Then, either divide your family into two teams to guess the correct answers, or have a free-for-all where every man plays for himself. The winner should get a modest prize as a reward for knowing the most about his or her family members. You will learn new things about family members, including those you may have thought you already knew inside and out. The game may also trigger some great storytelling time. Try to make a mix of easy and difficult trivia questions to make the job easier both for yourself and those who will be guessing.

Traditional Reunion Games

Sack race

Many old fashioned party games are perfect for family reunions, since most people already know how to play and they are appropriate for a wide variety of age groups. Consider adding the following to your reunion plans:

  • Sack races
  • Egg and spoon races
  • Sports like softball, football, or volleyball
  • Tug of war
  • Musical chairs
  • Horse shoes

Planning Family Reunion Games

There are several things to keep in mind when you're planning your party games for a family reunion. You want them to be appropriate for those participating, and as easy as possible to set up and execute. Some other items to consider are:

  • Number of people attending
  • Ages of those playing the games
  • Location
  • Equipment and supplies needed
  • Prizes for the winners
  • Budget
Board games

If there are lots of small children attending the reunion, there are many games for kids and other activities you can set up to keep them busy along with the adults. Try any of these suggestions:

  • An arts and crafts table with scissors, paper, glue, glitter, and other craft supplies
  • A painting station with paints, brushes, easels, and smocks
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Board games

For outdoor reunions, you can set up a sandbox, bubble blowing station, or a water table with small bath toys to play with.

Fun for Everyone

An assortment of different games, both physical and non-taxing, will ensure that everyone at the reunion will get involved and have lots of fun. If you decide to award prizes to the winners of the games, make sure you pick up a wide assortment of items that will appeal to different age groups and both genders.

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