Football Party Invitations

football party invitation
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Whether you are picking up college football party supplies or planning a Super Bowl bash, be sure to add football party invitations to your party planning checklist. Appealing invitations featuring footballs, pennants, pompoms, tailgating scenes, and other sports-appropriate graphics are sure to score big with the invited guests.

Free Printable Invitations for Football Parties

The two printable invitations, provided above and below, are for you to use at no cost. Simply click the invitation of the image you like best and it will open as a customizable PDF document. The PDF file will open in a separate window. If you need assistance, use a guide to Adobe printables.

Click anywhere in the document to make text adjustments, being sure to save as you make changes. When you're done, you'll be able to print flyer-size invitations to share with each guest that you are inviting.

football party invitation
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Homemade Football Party Invitations

If you are looking for invitation ideas that you can make yourself or that your kids can create, one of these DIY invitation projects could be a great choice for your upcoming event. After all, a homemade card is perfect for a get together that involves rooting the home team on. A homemade party invitation is a cost-effective and fun-to-make choice.

Easy Kids Invite

Kids who are having a sports-themed birthday party can help make their own invitations. Follow these simple steps to create an easy invitation.

  1. Fold a sheet of brown construction paper in half.
  2. Trace a football-shaped cookie cutter onto one side, with the top of the football lining up with the fold.
  3. Cut out the shape from both sides, creating a half-fold card.
  4. Glue small pieces of string on the front to make the football laces.
  5. Cut out a single sheet of white paper using the cookie cutter as a guide.
  6. Write the party information in green (or team colors) on the white football shape.
  7. Glue the white football on the inside of the card.

After the glue has dried, have kids put the invitations into envelopes purchased at a party supply store. Seal, stamp, and send them on their way to the guests.

Crafty Invites for Adults

Adults with a crafty thumb can make their own football party invitations, too. Use football scrapbook page ideas to get started. Consider making a pop up card where the player springs out or a rubber stamp card with some great football graphics. An awesome invite often means that an awesome party will follow, so get guests excited about the football party with a creative invite.

Football Party Invitation Wording

An invitation should have all the essential party information, like date, time, place, and reason for the party. Include other pertinent information, like "wear clothes for a flag football game following the pro game" or "bring a dish to share." Be sure to include some fun invitation wording that plays on the sport itself, such as:

  • "Hut one, hut two, hut three . . . time to party!"
  • "The quarterback shuffle just isn't the same without you, so put on your cleats for a party with the Mitchells."
  • "The Richardsons are hosting a Punt-Return Potluck!"
  • "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, that's our party's battle cry."

A number of football cheers are suitable for invitation wording. Simply replace team colors or mascot with the team everyone is rooting for at the party. Using partial cheers is another way to start an invitation off with energy.

Pre-Made Invitations for a Football Gathering

If you're still looking for additional ideas, you may want to purchase invitations. You can purchase pre-printed invitations or additional customizable template designs.

  • The Printable Holiday: This online retailer has an excellent selection of printable party invitations created with a football theme as well as additional graphics and invitations for other occasions. This is a subscription-based site that provides unlimited access to use all the printable invitation designs on the site for a low-subscription price of $16.95 per year.
  • Purchase pre-printed invitations in a variety of football-related designs perfect for game-watching parties at this retailer. Some designs are traditional invitation cards while others look like entry tickets to actual games. The minimum order is 20 and the various available designs range from just over $1 each to just over $2 each.
  • This retailer has a great collection of football-themed invitations, including options for parties for kids or adults. Most are card-style designs though some die cut options are available. The minimum order for most styles is 40 though some designs have a minimum order of 30. Prices range from $1.50 to around $2.50 per invitation.

Invitations are also available via online invitation companies. This is a fast and easy way to let everyone know about an impromptu football party. As long as everyone invited checks their email at least every few days, they are sure to receive the Evite invitation and reply.

Invitations for Football-Fan Friends

The more, the merrier, is often true when it comes to team sporting parties. Whether you find some free printable invitations or order customizable invitations, you want to be sure that everyone wants to attend the party. Choosing the perfect football party invitations is the first step in getting the bash started.

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