Fun Teenage Party Games

Check this slideshow for more teenage party activities.
Check this slideshow for more teenage party activities.

There are many fun teenage party games to play at your next group gathering.

Planning Fun Teenage Party Games

Teenagers throw parties and get-togethers in order to spend time with their friends or to celebrate an event. Unfortunately, many teenagers get bored easily and need to be entertained. One idea is to make the party a game-themed party. Set up different games around the party location, both indoors and outdoors if possible. By offering a variety of options at your party, there should be something for everyone. Games are also a great icebreaker to get people moving around and talking to unfamiliar faces. Keep in mind if the party will be same-sex or coed and plan games accordingly.

Indoor Party Games

Be sure to have different party games planned for your next bash so that everyone attending has a good time. Some indoor party games include:

  • Create a mix from your CD collection or set your iPod on shuffle and see who can "Name that Tune."
  • Board games such as Clue or Monopoly are old-time favorites that can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. Some other fun board games are Apples to Apples, Qwirkle and Balderdash.
  • Have a video game challenge using the Wii or XBox system.
  • Set up a tournament with darts, pool, or card games.
  • Charades is both fun and silly.
  • Create your own trivia game by writing questions on index cards and answers on the back. Design the questions on topics that interest you and your friends.
  • Murder/mystery box games can be found at your local bookstore and add a fun twist to any function.
  • Win, Lose or Draw - Set up an easel, paper and markers for a fun team game.
  • Dance contests can be fun to participate in and also to watch.
  • Karaoke offers a chance for guests to show off their talents.

Outdoor Party Games

If the weather is nice outside, plan some group games for the teenagers such as:

  • Water balloon toss
  • Piñata filled with candy or other novelties
  • Volleyball, croquet or frisbee
  • If you have a swimming pool, have a relay race or play water tag.
  • Hold a scavenger hunt. Create a list of items and send teams on a mission to find those items. Give them a set amount of time and the winning team is the one that is finds everything on the list.
  • Physical challenges such as a three-legged race make fun teenage party games as well.

Game Incentives and Prizes

Many teens are competitive when it comes to games. Have small prizes or incentives on hand to award the winner. Items such as candy, CDs or even gift cards are always appreciated. Another idea is to let the winner choose the next game.

Other Party Considerations

Not everyone is going to want to participate in games. Serve refreshments so there is something to enjoy when not playing a game. Music or movies are great additions to any party. By having that option also available, those not participating can relax and enjoy the entertainment.

Be sure to have someone supervise the games. A parent or guardian popping in and out will ensure that the party games are being played fair and that the party is going as planned. You may also want to assign someone to be the judge of the games.

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Fun Teenage Party Games