25 Priceless Bachelor Party Gag Gifts

 bachelor party

When celebrating your friend's "Last night of freedom" be sure to have plenty of gag gifts for a bachelor party on hand.

Gear to Wear

It is your friend's last night out as a single man and you want to be sure that everybody knows that he is the guest of honor. To distinguish him from the rest of the crowd, it is a good idea to make him wear something funny. A little searching will help you find some hats to have the groom wear. The over sized black top hat with the words "Groom to be" is a great way to designate the star of the night. For a more understated hat, a baseball cap embroidered with the words "Bachelor's last night out" or embroidered with a pink bra will get the message across just as well. These are fun gag gifts for a bachelor party as well as the plastic ball and chain. This gag is light enough and has enough length to allow him to move around but will remind him that the "Old ball and chain" will soon be there. Of course what bachelor would want to wear a hat without a matching shirt? A tee-shirt reading "Big Mistake" would complete the outfit.

Stuff to Eat

If you are of a culinary inclination, then get the booby cake pan or the booby cup cake pan. The booby cake pan that I found made a cake up to 36 DDD size. That should be enough cake to get the guys attention. If baking isn't your style, see if your local bakery can do a custom cake for you. Another alternative is to get a set of booby candles that can go on a regular flat cake. If you are using a flat cake you may want to consider going with an edible photo for your cake. There are websites that provide this service or you can order kits and print it out yourself on your home computer that way you can have any picture you like on his cake. Other edible gag gifts for a bachelor party are gummy boobies and booby shaped breath mints. Be sure to serve the groom his beer in a breast shaped mug. These mugs are designed so that the beverage can be sipped from the nipple.

Traditional Gags

In the past there were very few "Inflatable Companion" gag gifts to choose from but today there is an astounding array of options. You can choose hair color and body shape as well as height. When purchasing your inflatable friend be sure to get a pair of fuzzy handcuffs as well. That way you can handcuff the groom to his "Date". Certainly if you can think of it there is probably an inflatable version of it somewhere. A funny and fun variation on this gag is the inflatable sheep. While we are on the subject of inflatable items, be sure to look for dirty balloons, balloons printed with various naughty pictures and inflatable boobs.

Gag Gifts For A Bachelor Party

Another option is the hanging cup or the hanging shot glass. This is a glass that is hung around the neck of the groom usually with the words "My last night out" printed on it. This is very handy indeed for in the middle of a great bachelor party it is not fun to lose your shot glass. Also available are shot glass nipple caps. These small rubber tops for you shot glass turn your glass into a very small breast. Your local adult entertainment store will be able to provide an endless supply of gag gifts for a bachelor party. Or for the more discrete there is the Internet. Bachelor parties are a great time for guys to get a little crazy with their friends. A good supply of gag gifts will help embarrass your friend as well as make his "Last night" as memorable as possible.

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25 Priceless Bachelor Party Gag Gifts