Girls Night Out Parties

Female Friends Enjoying Night Out

Successful girls night out parties depend upon having a great set of girl friends invited, an exciting plan of action and attention to details. Though many girls night out events are hosted because of another celebration, like bachelorette parties, girls-only adult birthday parties or divorce parties, they are a fun way to get together with close friends any time.

Girls Guest List and Invitations

Planning a girls night out involves not only coming up with a fun activity for everyone, but tailoring the guest list to the event. After all, not every grandmother will want to attend an "intimates" sales party, nor will every party-hopping 21-year-old want to attend a cooking class. Yet friends and family can be interested in trying something "outside the box" of their normal activities. Invitation wording is important so that everyone understands exactly what is planned for the girls night out.

Include the following elements on the invitations:

  • Date, time and location of the party
  • Reason for the party (a simple "girl's night out" will suffice if it is just for fun)
  • Attire and accessories needed, such as an apron for a cooking class or high heels for a strip-aerobics exercise class
  • Note regarding "girls only" invited, so boyfriends, husbands and sons do not crash the party

Mail the invitations several weeks in advance, so babysitters can be booked and other plans rescheduled. Online invitations are a great way to contact busy women who are tech-savvy.

Ideas for Girls Night Out Parties

As long as the activities are legal, just about anything goes at a girls night out party. The party theme can be all about pampering or getting one's groove on. Reconnecting with friends and family is the main point of getting together.

Downtown Divas

Getting together with the ladies often involves a few good party drinks. Enjoy them together at home and then head out in a limousine rental to the downtown area. Upon hitting the scene, indulge in one of the following activities:

  • Dancing at a hot club
  • Attending a concert
  • Gambling at a casino
  • Singing karaoke
  • Laughing at a comedy or improv club

Ladies Love Learning

Indulging in a favorite hobby is a great way to introduce friends and family to a new leisure activity. Bond with the girls by learning a new skill together. Spend a girls night out:

  • Touring a winery
  • Taking hip hop dance classes
  • Ice-skating, roller-blading or bowling
  • Cooking international foods at a local adult education school
  • Decorating cakes together at a Wilton method class
  • Learning experimental photography techniques in a photography workshop

Classes and workshops often cost money, so to make it more affordable for everyone, consider hosting a girls night out party once a month. Each month, someone in the group takes the stage as the "expert" and teaches everyone else a new skill that only she knows. Rotate homes and "kick out" the men before getting together. Serve appetizers, mini-desserts and drinks to everyone who attends.

Pursuit of Pampering

Spa and pampering parties are a favorite of women everywhere. Even self-proclaimed tomboys enjoy getting a massage or having their hair done by a professional. Look for spa party food included as part of the options at a local spa or cater a party at home, where the professionals come to everyone else. Ideas for the party activities include:

  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Facial masks
  • New year, new 'dos (girls night out party for New Years Eve; everyone gets a new hairdo)
  • Massages
  • Makeup applications

Diva-licious Details

Work out the details before the night of the party. This will make things run smoothly and guests will be grateful for an evening without worry. Before the night of the party, use an event planning checklist to take care of all the important details, no matter how minor. Items to consider include:

  • Transportation: Compare the cost effectiveness of carpooling with parking fees and gas to taking taxicabs or renting a limousine for the evening. Factor in whether or not guests will be drinking and how much money is in the party budget.
  • Schedule: Have a tentative timeline for the evening. While it does not have to be followed perfectly, it helps to have an idea of a dinner and departure time.
  • Childcare: When a large majority of guests have kids, it can be hard to secure childcare without paying a lot of money to a babysitter. Consider paying several responsible teenagers or young adults to watch everyone's children at the local playground or indoor kids' recreation center.
  • Back-Up Plan: Even with a detailed checklist and timeline, things may go wrong. It helps to have a back-up plan in case things go awry at the party. Save a few cab numbers in the cell phone and know the nearest emergency room. Give everyone a meeting place and time if they are separated from the group.

The most important detail to remember is that girls night out parties do not have to be perfect-they only have to be fun. Enjoy an evening out of the house while bonding with female friends and family.

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Girls Night Out Parties