Greeting Card for a Holiday Party

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Guests will RSVP quickly with a creative holiday party invitation!

Choosing the right greeting card for a holiday party is more than just picking a suitable party invitation; the right design reflects the type of party and provides guests with the necessary information to prepare for a memorable holiday event. Ensure your party invitation is unique by choosing from one of the many designs available.

Download Free Holiday Greeting Card Invitations

Using a greeting card as your holiday invitation is an elegant way to invite guests to your party this season. Download free ones with stunning images and print them on semi-gloss photo paper for a professional look. Simply click on the image or the card name to download and print the cards. Fill in your party information online or after you print.

If you need help downloading the cards, check out these helpful tips.

Choosing a Greeting Card for a Holiday Party

There are several different types of holiday party invitations, and choosing the best one for your event can be a challenge. Ideally, the party planner should match the invitation's formality to the formality of the party. An invitation with snowmen and elves is perfect for a children's party or a family gathering, but a more subtle decorated tree or abstract ornament may be better for a formal evening dance.

Dozens of retailers offer a wide selection of holiday greeting cards and party invitations. Local party stores that carry holiday merchandise will have basic invitations, including plain greeting cards and fill-in invitations. More specialized holiday cards can be found through online retailers for the best price and variety.

Custom Invitations

Custom invitation cards come in hundreds of designs and are custom printed with the specific party details for a coordinated and sophisticated look. Custom invitations may cost a little more than purchasing a standard invitation, but they can be tailored exactly to your specifications. Check your local stationary or graphics design studio or contact an online studio like Big Leap Designs for information.

Do-It-Yourself Invitations

Many companies offer customizable invitation kits that can be printed at home for an affordable yet lovely option for a holiday party greeting. Pick up kits at craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Or use an online service such as The Printable Holiday to customize inexpensive cards and invitations online that you can immediately print at home.

Evite Invitations

Electronic invitations come in many different styles and can be customized quickly and easily. Many evite invitation companies offer free card designs and may also feature party management tools to track RSVPs and other information. Evites could also be posted to a blog or website for greater convenience. Check out Pingg, Purple Trail, American Greetings and Evite.

Greeting Cards

It is easy to choose a plain greeting card and simply hand write an invitation inside it. This gives the party host flexibility about the invitation design and adds a thoughtful, personal touch. Look at your local party supply store, such as Party City, or at a card shop like Hallmark.

Key Party Invitation Information

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Don't forget the key party information!

During the holidays, there are many types of special events planned for families, friends, and coworkers. Information included in the holiday party invitation will help guests understand the type of party and decide whether or not they will be able to attend. Key details to include in the invitation wording of a greeting card for a holiday party are as follows:

  • Date, time, and other basic party information
  • The party location, including a map or directions if necessary
  • The type of party, such as a dinner party, open house, tree trimming party, cocktail party, gift exchange, charity ball, or other specialty event
  • Appropriate attire suggestions, such as whether formal attire is requested or if all guests should dress in holiday colors
  • Any contribution details, such as if guests are requested to bring cookies for an exchange or if there will be secret Santa gifts
  • RSVP contact information for prompt replies

Of course, the most important thing to include in the invitation is a seasonal greeting. An invitation with just the basic party details may seem very stuffy or demanding, but adding a "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" with the invitation will emphasize the purpose of the party - sharing seasonal cheer.

Sending the Invitations

Because there are many events during the holiday season that may demand guests' time and attention, it is important to send holiday party invitations early. If the party is a very formal event that may require specialized attire or travel, such as a ball or wedding, invitations should be sent between four and eight weeks early. Invitations for a more casual, local party could be sent just a week or two before the event. In general, however, the closer the party is to the actual holiday date, the sooner the invitations should be sent so guests are aware of the commitment.

Send Holiday Cheer in Invitations

The right greeting card for a holiday party sets the tone for a memorable celebration, whether it is a casual affair or a formal soiree. By choosing the best invitation and including all the proper information, party hosts can ensure their guests understand the type of party and can make it a part of their holiday plans.

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Greeting Card for a Holiday Party