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Halloween Party Punch

Witches' cauldron
Serve Halloween party punch in a cauldron.

Halloween party punch is a nice addition to any spooky gathering. Punches are fun to make because they're so versatile, both in flavor options and presentation. You can customize your own punch to suit youngsters or adults.

Making Halloween Party Punch

No matter what recipe you're using for your basic punch, you can add many different touches to turn it into a Halloween drink.

Severed Hand

One very basic, and very popular, punch for Halloween is Severed Hand Punch. This punch is a fruit punch into which you float a latex glove that has been filled with Jell-o or has been filled with water and frozen. You can follow the basic instructions or you can take it one step further by using maraschino cherries in the fingertips of the glove and filling the glove with prepared green (lime) drink mix or Jell-o before freezing.

The hand you float in the punch will end up looking like a severed witches' hand, complete with red fingernails. The added bonus is that the hand will keep the punch cold for your guests.

Freaky Ice Cubes and Rings

Since ice is a necessary in a punch bowl, there are several ways to incorporate Halloween elements into the ice cubes or rings. Try some of these:

  • For a kids' punch, place raisins in the ice cube trays along with water, and call them "bugs."
  • For grown-ups, use olive slices in the ice cubes to look like green, blood-shot eyeballs.
  • If you're using a ring of ice, fill a bundt pan with about a half-inch of water and freeze. Once the first layer is frozen solid, you can add things like toy spiders, plastic eyeballs, and gummy worms. Cover with a second, thicker layer of water and freeze again. Remove the ice ring just before the guests arrive and place in the punch bowl.

Dry Ice

Dry ice can be a dangerous substance, so it's best to only let someone handle it who knows what he or she is doing. It's also best to keep dry ice away from small children and pets, since contact with dry ice can cause burns on the skin.That said, if you'd like to create the foggy effect that dry ice provides, you can do so directly in your punch bowl. All you need to do is place the dry ice (using tongs) into a large glass bowl. Place a smaller glass bowl inside, on top of the dry ice, and pour the punch into the smaller bowl.

When you want the fog to begin, pour some warm water between the two bowls so it hits the dry ice. You can keep adding more warm water as needed.

Basic Punch Ideas

Most punch recipes contain a combination of fruit juices or prepared drink mixes, a carbonated lemon-lime soda or soda water, and for adults, vodka or rum.

For a Halloween party punch, try this basic recipe:

  • Two packages lime drink mix, prepared as directed on package
  • 1 can (48 ounces) pineapple juice
  • 3 liters lemon-lime soda

Combine prepared lime drink with juice. Just before serving, gently stir in soda.This recipe makes a green punch, but you can use cherry drink mix for a red "blood" punch as well. Another option is to combine grape and cherry to make an almost black beverage.

To kick things up a bit for a Halloween party, you can also float scoops of sherbet or ice cream on top of the punch. This gives it an interesting appearance, and allows you to float things like gummy worms or frogs on the top of the punch without them sinking immediately to the bottom of the bowl.

Gummy worms can be draped on the sides of the serving cups for an added eerie boost.

Have Fun with the Punch

Punch is one of the most enjoyable recipes to make for a party. Not only is it really easy to put together, it can also take on a different appearance depending on how it is garnished and presented. Find a Halloween themed punch bowl, such as a large witches' cauldron, and let your guests enjoy serving themselves.

Halloween Party Punch