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Put on your grass skirt and dance to luau music!

When planning your Hawaiian-themed party, you will want to think about where you can get free Hawaiian luau music. After all, music is key to a great party!

Find Hawaiian Music for Free

Hawaiian music is perfect for a luau or other tropical themed party. If this genre of music doesn't typically make it onto your playlist, you may not want to invest a lot of money downloading songs or purchasing CDs. From streaming online radio stations to picking out selections at the library, there are several options for making your party music fit the party mood.

Stream Hawaiian Radio Stations

Enjoy streaming radio shows from the islands using your computer. To get an idea of some of the most popular songs played, check out the "last songs played" tabs on the websites. Several radio stations online with music suited for your luau include:

  • KCCN FM100: Get the latest and greatest from the "#1 Site for Hawaiian Hits Online."
  • Hawaiian 105 KINE: This station describes itself as "The Hawaiian Music and Entertainment Website" so you'll be sure to find plenty of great songs here.
  • Aloha Joe: This online radio station embodies the "music and spirit of Hawaii." To listen live, simply click on the On Air button for AJ Radio-1.
  • At this online listening station, the "tropical vacation for your ears," you can choose to listen using iTunes/Winamp, Real Player or Windows Media Player. Scroll down to find the Now Playing list.

Keep in mind that with live streaming, you may have some deejay talk, news stories and commercials in between sets. Decide if this will be an issue before you set up your computer and speakers in the party area.

Check Out CDs at the Library

Libraries are a great resource for parties - including the musical aspect of the party. Most major libraries carry a varied selection of CDs in their music section. A compilation CD, which consists of a variety of artists, is a great option if you're not familiar with popular Hawaiian artists. Pick out a couple and put them into a multi-changer CD player for the duration of the night.

Music Played at Luaus

When the word luau is mentioned one of the first things that comes to mind is music. As you search for Hawaiian music, look for some of the most popular tunes in this genre. These songs provide a taste of the islands, offering the warmth and tradition that is loved by many:

  • "Kokomo"
  • "Hawaii Five-O"
  • "Blue Hawaii"
  • "Oye Como Va"
  • "Hula Days Island Escape"
  • "Aloha Oe"
  • "Hawaiian Breeze"
  • "Over the Rainbow"
  • "Haleakala"
  • "Sea of Love"
  • "Radio Hula"
  • "Pua Hone"
  • "Tiny Bubbles"
  • "Waikiki Hula Medley"

Downloading Hawaiian music like the songs above can sometimes cost money, so make sure you look for these tunes on library CDs or on the recently played lists of radio stations that stream online.

Instruments at Luaus


The most traditional instrument played in a Hawaiian band is the ukulele. The ukulele is typically associated with music from this island state. The steel guitar and the slack key guitar are also fixtures in island bands. If you would rather have instrumental music played at your Hawaiian party, consider asking local music students from studios and schools who may want extra practice in exchange for the exposure. If you're lucky, one of your friends or family members may be proficient in one of these instruments and will be willing to play in exchange for party food and exposure.

Hula Entertainment

Typical Hawaiian music tells a story. Often hula dancers show the story by moving their arms and fingers as the music plays and the vocalist sings. Each of the dancers' motions is symbolic in expressing words such as plants, sun, water, love, and animals. Pick up a DVD of Hawaiian dancing at the library to play at your party, or ask friends if they know how to perform a hula. This is a great way to provide some entertainment to go along with the music at a Hawaiian luau or tropical party.

More Hawaiian Music Party Ideas

For more Hawaiian musical fun, consider these additional party ideas for your luau:

  • Watch Blue Hawaii, starring Elvis Presley. The tunes included are sure to please any Elvis fan and will fit right into a Hawaiian theme party.
  • Pass out grass skirts and sheets of basic hula dance steps to those who want to move to the music.
  • If the party is near Christmas, look for popular Hawaiian artists' versions of traditional Christmas songs, along with their own original holiday tunes to play at the party.

Island Party Tunes

At a Hawaiian party, the best tunes are those straight from the islands. Use free songs to complete your party plans without breaking the bank.

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Free Hawaiian Luau Music