Hawaiian Luau Party Games

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Hawaiian luau party games can be a mixture of traditional competitions and new games that will get the party started and keep it going all day and night long!

Traditional Hawaiian Luau Party Games

If you want to throw a really authentic Hawaiian celebration for friends and family, many of the following competitions have been associated with Hawaiian luaus for centuries.

Races - When you think of the Olympics, you typically remember the well-known competitions of historic Greek games. However, Hawaiians are also well-known for their competitions to see who is the fastest runner. Design your races around your competitors to make them a bit fairer. For example, hold separate races for the males and the females, then hold a challenge race that allows anyone who wants to compete to enter. Shorter races can be held for those who aren't up to the challenge of running long distances, and of course, three-legged races can include everyone.

Spear Throwing - The "spears" you choose could be any number of items, but consider safety when you choose them. For example, darts, arrows, or sharpened sticks will work, but be sure you have a solid backdrop, like a building wall, behind your target. Simple targets include stuffed burlap sacks, watermelons, and even balloons! Caution: This game isn't for children or for adults who've had a bit too much to drink.

Rock Toss - This simple game can be played by all ages. All you need is a large stick placed in the ground and enough rocks for each player to have one. Then, have players take turns tossing their rocks to see who can get the closest to the stick.

Hula Hoop Games

Hawaiian luau party games just aren't complete without a few hula hoop competitions. You can hold as many contests as you like, but some of the most common include the following:

Longest lasting - Who can hula hoop for the longest period of time?

Most hula hoops - Who can hula hoop with the most hoops at one time for at least 20 seconds?

Hula hoop obstacles - Who can hula hoop while moving through an obstacle course? Obstacles could include garbage cans to circle around or step over (if placed on their side), baby pools filled with water, hula hoops placed on the ground, etc.

More Game Ideas

Other fun Hawaiian luau party games include the following:Stack the Leis - Have party guests pair up with a partner. Create two lines of players, with partners facing each other about 20 feet away. Place a box of 30 to 40 leis behind one line of players. When you give the signal, players should turn around, grab one of the leis, run to their partner and place it on his or her neck. As soon as one of the leis has been placed on the partner's neck, the runner goes back to grab another. Play continues until all of the leis are gone. The player who places the most leis on his or her partner first wins.

Bowling with Coconuts - For this game, you'll need some two-liter bottles filled halfway with either water or sand to be used as bowling pins, and of course you'll need coconuts. Set up the "bowling pins" and let players take turns bowling with their coconuts.

Dance Contest - Put on some Hawaiian music, and host a luau dance contest. You'll need to choose two or three guests to serve as judges before the contest begins. You can hand out different awards, such as "Best Authentic Luau Dance", "Best Partner Dance", "Most Creative Dance", and "Silliest Dance." Don't forget to take pictures or even video of the dancers.

Remember, a Hawaiian luau is all about having fun, so keep the games going and the food flowing, and your party is sure to be a hit!

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Hawaiian Luau Party Games