Housewarming Party Ideas

Show off your new home!

Buying a new home is exciting, and these housewarming party ideas can help you share that excitement with family members, friends, and new neighbors.

About Housewarmings

A housewarming celebration is a time to introduce your new home to friends, neighbors, and family members. Some people opt to throw a housewarming immediately, while others choose to wait until the last boxes are unpacked before sharing their new home with guests. Housewarming parties can be organized either by the new homeowner or anyone wishing to honor their purchase. Whether the house in question is your first home, a newlywed home, a new house after a long-distance move, or a new home for a growing family, celebrating the new location is a fun way to share the event with special guests.

Housewarming Party Themes

While the idea of celebrating a new home is theme enough for most housewarmings, adding a simple coordinating theme can be a great way to show off the house and even enlist aid for some of the onerous chores associated with moving.

Chore Themes

A chore-related housewarming theme simultaneously shows off a new home and gets help with moving, cleaning, or other chores necessary to really make it a home. This type of party should be carefully planned, however; some guests may not feel comfortable at such an event, even as a favor to a friend.

  • Unpacking Party: Inviting guests to break in a new home by breaking open boxes can be a fun, casual party. Be sure boxes are carefully labeled for the rooms they belong in, and the new homeowner should provide refreshments and ample thanks for the assistance.
  • Moving Convoy: For a short distance move, a housewarming party could include a moving convoy of friends' cars packed with assorted boxes and furniture to be transferred from the old home to the new one. Waiting at the new house, of course, would be a fun event to relax and enjoy.
  • Housecleaning Party: Scrubbing floors, washing windows, and vacuuming carpets goes much more quickly when done in the company of friends. An alternative idea is for party guests to provide the cleaning supplies and tools for the homeowner to use after the event is over.
  • Redecorating Party: If a new coat of paint or other renovations are necessary, a housewarming party could be organized to take care of those chores. Similarly, the party could focus on outdoor chores such as a lawn care, landscaping, or pruning. This is especially helpful for first-time homeowners if their guests are more experienced with repairs or renovations.

Traditional Themes

More traditional housewarming party ideas showcase the entire home as the central attraction of the evening.

  • Open House: This is the most popular type of housewarming. Guests can come and go as their schedules permit during a period of several hours while the homeowner offers tours of the new abode.
  • Block Party: Instead of introducing family members and friends to just one house, a block party extends the invitation to all the new neighbors. This also gives the new homeowner a chance to get to know the neighbors and to become a part of the whole community.

Feature Themes

Unique housewarming themes can focus on one spectacular aspect of the new house. A home with a luxurious pool, for example, is perfect for a housewarming pool party. If the home has an extensive backyard or deck, a barbeque or picnic is a great way to show it off. A home with a formal dining room is perfect for dinner parties, particularly if it is the homeowner's first home.Any outstanding feature can be used as a focal point for a housewarming. A garden party is perfect for a home with beautiful landscaping, or a home with a game room could host a game night event. The key is to showcase the uniqueness and beauty of the home by highlighting one of its key features.

More Housewarming Party Ideas

Once new homeowners know what type of party they'd prefer to have for a housewarming, other planning details need to be addressed.



A housewarming invitation can feature pictures of the new home, moving boxes, or sold signs. Be sure to indicate whether the party is an open house or a more structured event, and include detailed maps or directions to the home. On those directions, include notes about limited parking, one way streets, and other necessities so guests can easily find the party.


Housewarming party decorations should be minimal. Guests will be far more interested in seeing the home rather than having it obscured with fancy decorations. Fresh flowers and a welcome sign are nice touches to add, and the house should be as clean as possible for the party.


Finger foods are appropriate for most housewarming parties, particularly open house events. Cookies, small sandwiches, punch, and other easy snacks are best because guests can munch as they move from room to room exploring the new home. If your housewarming party ideas include a more specialized theme, plan coordinating party menu ideas.


The biggest activity for a housewarming party is the obligatory tour of the home. It isn't necessary to show guests every single room, but point out the home's best features and describe the purposes of different rooms such as children's play rooms, craft areas, and home offices. While the tour shouldn't be a sales pitch, be sure to highlight the features that made you want to buy the home, such as incredible views, the built-in pantry, or the carpeted window seats. After the tour, housewarming party games can be fun and entertaining as well.

There are dozens of housewarming party ideas that new homeowners can consider when they're ready to show off their home. After all, nothing can make a home more welcoming than sharing it with special guests.

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