How to Freak Dance

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So you want to learn how to freak dance? Known commonly as grinding, this suggestive sexual dance style has been popular for many years. LoveToKnow was curious about it, and has put together some great information about this risqué style of dancing that has lead many schools to ban it. Recently, it has become even more popular due to trendy hip hop music videos. Let's take a look at freak dancing and see if it's something you want to do (or not).

What is Freak Dancing?

Freak dancing (or grinding) is when two or more dancers rub together to music in a suggestive sexual manner. You can think of it like dry humping, where no actual intercourse takes place, but partners and groups simulate sexual acts and positions. Freak dancing has also been referred to as juking, houseing, freaking, bubbling, dirty dancing, bump and grind, and crunking (in the UK).

There are different variations on how to freak dance. In the Caribbean, it is called "winking or wining up", and is popular with children as young as 12 years old during the carnival season.

In Puerto Rico, it is known as "Perrero", which comes from the Spanish word for dog. Learning how to freak dance in this region is very popular, and is widely performed by young teens in nightclubs.

In the US, many freak dancers are adults, but in recent years a popular trend has sprung among young teens, who have embraced this form of sexual expression on the dance floor. Back in 1987, the movie Dirty Dancing showed a tamer version of freak dancing. A couple years later, the Lambada also had some variations of grinding.

How to Freak Dance

Let's get started. Below are some of the common techniques that can help you learn how to freak dance.

  • Dance partners face in the same direction where one has their groin in contact with the other's butt, or in sexual terms - doggie style.
  • Facing each other, dance partners straddle their laps. This is basically a simulated version of rubbing ones private parts together on your partner's thigh through clothing.
  • The female partner supports her weight on the floor with her hands and has her partner stand directly behind her holding her legs or feet up.
  • Another technique is known as the "Wave". Partners synchronize grinding motions to the beat of the music playing.
  • Grinding motions are also known as "Side-to-Side" where partners press together front to back and front to front.
  • In the "Rotational", the hips move in a circular or figure eight pattern.
  • An extreme move called the "Vibration Gyration" involves rapid movements of the entire body or rear end to the beat of music playing.
  • Freak dancing can start with the female partner leading with her hips as her male partner copies what she does, moving along with her. Or her partner may simply direct the motions from behind with his hands.
  • A "bumping line", "freak train", "booty line" or "pelvis conga" is a chain of dancers, single sex or mixed that grind together in a line to the beat of the music.
  • Another technique called the "sandwich" involves two or more members of the same sex surrounding another person of the opposite sex in a sort of simulated "group sex" or orgy type of action.

By Sheila Robinson

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