Ice Skating Party Favors

ice skating

Hand out ice skating party favors that reflect the chill of the season or your love of the sport.

Ice Skating Party Favors

An ice skating party is a great winter party theme. It can be a sub-theme at a Christmas party, part of an Olympics viewing party or incorporated into a birthday party theme.

The kinds of favors you hand out at an ice skating party depend on the crowd invited. At a child's party, the favors should be fun and even silly, while at an adult party, it makes sense to look for something more memorable or useful. Of course, there are always a few favors that are perfect for ice skaters of any age.

Favors for Kids

Favors for kids at an ice skating party include:

  • Stickers, pencils, pens or erasers with an ice skating theme
  • Toy hockey pucks or even plastic Zamboni toys
  • Temporary tattoos with an ice skating theme

Craft projects are always a hit with kids, and provide fun entertainment when they exhaust themselves from skating. Many of these projects can also double as favors. Cutting paper snowflakes is an easy and cheap craft project. Have kids glue blue tissue paper to the back of the snowflakes, and suggest they hang them in the window for a pretty stained-glass effect. For more ideas, read the LoveToKnow Crafts articles Fun Winter Crafts for Kids and Winter Crafts for Kids.

Favors for Adults

Adults who are invited to an ice skating party will appreciate a more sophisticated or useful favor. A great favor is a plastic or crystal snowflake ornament to put onto a Christmas or winter tree. Candle holders with snowmen, snowflakes or an ice skating theme are also great favors for adults. Pick up a candle in a winter berry scent to complete the favor. A small winter bell or trinket box is also a great party favor idea for adults at an ice skating party.

Giving a useful, practical favor at an ice skating party is sure to go over well with the adults. Fill a small bag with a winter snowflake theme with small essentials that are useful for outdoor sports like ice skating. These items might include:

  • Bandages with ice skating or snowflake theme
  • Lip balm in a winter wrapper
  • Cheap sunglasses to block the sun's glare from the ice
  • Facial tissues for runny noses
  • Small pocket-sized hand warmers from a dollar store
  • Lotion to soothe wind-burned skin

The number of items you include in the favor bag depends on your budget and the number of people attending the ice skating party. If your budget allows, you could even include admission gift certificates back to the rink, so guests can enjoy ice skating after the party, too.

Favors for Anyone

Plenty of party favor ideas are perfect for anyone, regardless of their age. At an ice skating party with a mixed group, consider giving out these favors:

  • Keychains featuring ice skates or blades
  • Stretchy one-size-fits-all gloves or mittens
  • Hot chocolate packets and/or mug
  • Chocolate candies or cookies in the shape of ice skates or snowflakes

Hand Out Skating Favors

Remember to hand out the favors at the end of the ice skating party. You don't want anyone to lose their favor or to try and hold it while skating, causing themselves to fall and get hurt. If you have separate kid party favors and adult favors, be sure to package them differently to avoid confusion. If you created personalized favors for the ice skating party, make sure you double check that each guest gets the correct favor.

Ice skating party favors offer hosts a way to thank their guests for attending the party. This winter activity offers plenty of favor ideas, so use the one that you think guests will appreciate the most as you make your party plans.

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