Ideas for Space Party Food

Star sprinkles add an instant space theme.

Space party themes are popular choices for would-be astronauts and space adventure fans, and using ideas for space party food can make the party menu out of this world.

Planning a Space Party Menu

Before blasting off with ideas for alien eats, it is important to plan the party menu ideas appropriately. A birthday party, for example, will need a space-themed cake as well as other small snacks, while a lunch or dinner party may require more substantial menu options. Many common party foods can be cleverly renamed to reflect a space theme without any change in recipes - for example, chocolate chunk cookies can become moon rock cookies or miniature pizzas can become UFO patties. Fortunately, there are many space-related options that can work for any type of party.

Different Ideas for Space Party Food

Depending on the type of party and number of guests, different space treats may be necessary, and the only limit on these stellar goodies is the creativity of the menu planner.

Cosmic Cakes

There are several designs that can be used to create a space-themed cake. Specialized molds are available to bake rocket-shaped or spherical cakes that can be decorated in space themes - spherical cakes, for example, can become any planet or moon depending on the color of the icing and how it is decorated. Simple round cakes can be decorated with candy to resemble UFOs, or they can be cut into basic alien shapes. Thick frosting can be indented with measuring spoons to create craters, or crumbled cookies and chocolate jimmies can be used to give planet cakes tasty rocks. Bakers can also create sheet cakes with space scenes, including toy rockets and aliens that make fun keepsakes or party favors. Using sparkler candles can add an even more out of this world detail to space birthday cakes.

Themed Treats


Any type of party food can be themed to coordinate with a space motif with simple decorative choices. Using silver liners for cupcakes or to hold small snacks, for example, can give a futuristic feel to any treat. Cookie cutters and molds can be used to create star, planet, rocket, astronaut, or alien shapes for sandwiches, cookies, finger Jell-O, fruit slices, and other menu items. Other popular ideas for space party food include:

  • Using green soda or punch for an alien beverage
  • Decorating cookies with star sprinkles
  • Using juice boxes or bags for a futuristic feel
  • Creating flying saucer sandwiches with pitas
  • Using space-themed candies, such as alien or rocket ship gummies
  • Finding themed candy wrappers, such as regular or miniature chocolate bars with space wrappers
  • Giving any treat a space themed name, such as "moon rock candy" or "Martian marshmallow squares"

Real Space Food

A creative and easy option for space party food that is sure to delight guests is to use real dehydrated food that has been used in the space program for decades. Dehydrated astronaut food comes in a variety of treats and individual snacks that are perfect for parties, including strawberries, French fries, double chocolate cookies, Neapolitan ice cream, and other treats. Because this food comes in individual servings, guests can also choose which treats they want to try and party hosts can purchase just the right amount.While space food can be purchased at space tourist destinations such as the Kennedy Space Visitor Center in Florida and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, many online retailers also offer space treats and dehydrated meals, including:

Party planners can also visit camping stores for more dehydrated food options, or simple snacks such as granola bars or dried fruit can emulate space treats.

Space Themed Equipment

Because space themes are so specialized, it may be necessary to purchase unique equipment to turn cosmic ideas into real treats. Many party stores offer simple equipment such as silver, black, or space-themed paper plates and cups, star-shaped ice cube trays, and star and moon sprinkles, but online retailers offer more unusual choices such as:

From star cookies to UFO sandwiches to rocket cakes, the right ideas for space party food can make any party an intergalactic celebration.

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