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Jumper Rentals for Southern California

Other fun ideas for family get togethers.
Other fun ideas for family get togethers.

Finding jumper rentals for Southern California can bring an extra dose of fun to your child's birthday party or your next family get together.

The Fun of Jumpers

Kids love jumpers and bounce houses. The younger they are, the more energy they have to burn off, and a jumper is the perfect way to do it. Depending on the size you rent, a jumper can fit an entire birthday party at once, or children may need to take turns in an orderly fashion. Either way, you'll see the kids' faces light up when they spot the bounce house in the backyard ready and waiting for an afternoon of gravity-defying fun.

Jumping Under the Sun

Finding jumper rentals for Southern California parties and events is fairly simple, as the weather is so temperate, making it ideal for outdoor get togethers. This has caused plenty of party rental businesses to pop up all over Southern California, giving locals a great selection of products and ordering options. California is truly one of the best places to rent a jumper, as you'll almost always get your money's worth thanks to predictable weather patterns.

Finding Jumper Rentals for Southern California

Below are just a few places to find your ideal jumper rental.

California Jumpers

California Jumpers is based in Los Angeles, one of Southern California's most famous cities. They carry a huge line of licensed bounce houses such as a Disney Princess castle, Spongebob Squarepants house, Strawberry Shortcake jumper, and inflatables themed after such heroes as Spiderman and Power Rangers.

You can also rent waterslides through California Jumpers - an added bonus for a summer birthday party. Check them out for other party rentals to complete your celebration and to see if they deliver in your area.

Jump O'Rama

In Orange County, Jump O' Rama is the place to meet your jumper needs. Besides a large selection of inflatable jumpers, Jump O'Rama also carries a line of smaller bounce houses for young toddlers who are too small for standard fare. They serve large regions of Southern California, including Riverside and San Bernadino.

Boomer Events

Boomer Events is another Southern California jumper rental business that not only loans out bounce houses, but many other fun options, including mechanical surfboards, Velcro human fly walls and inflatable sumo wrestling. Via their website, you can check a product's price and availability. Boomer Events boasts some of the best prices around the valley, and some jumpers start as low as $100.

What to Look for in a Jumper

When renting a bounce house, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you'll want to ensure the safety of your child and your young guests. Only use a jumper rental company that is licensed and reputable. Using an online customer rating site or asking your friends and family for a referral will guarantee you use a company that puts safety first.

Next, set a budget before you rent, and stick to it. Bounce houses, jumpers and inflatable slides can get extremely expensive, sometimes upwards of $800 for the first hour and not much less for additional time. If you shop within your budget, you will not be tempted to consider things you cannot afford, and you also might get lucky with a vendor willing to strike a deal.

Finally, read the fine print before committing to a jumper. Are there additional service fees if your party is held at a public park? Are the shipping/delivery costs unreasonable? What do they require for insurance coverage? Those contracts are served for a reason, and it's in your best interest to read them thoroughly so you're not surprised by any hidden fees or restrictions.

Renting a jumper should be a fun and memorable experience your child will cherish, so be sure to have a camera on hand to snap some memories for the years to come.

Jumper Rentals for Southern California