Kids Spa Party

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A kids spa party is not just a girl's slumber party idea. Children of both genders can have fun at a spa-themed gathering.

Spa Party Planning

Planning a spa party is not always an inexpensive party idea, but with a little careful planning, it can be an economical idea that keeps children busy through the whole event. To begin with, write out a party planning checklist that includes all of the supplies, listing cheap alternatives to traditional, often more expensive, adult spa party supplies.


Invitations to adult spa parties are often elegant and expensive. Children, however, will not notice if an invitation is not custom printed. Instead of purchasing traditional invites, ask the host child to create a party invitation using construction paper, glitter, glue or a computer graphics program. Write a list of all the important information so the child remembers to include it.


Skip the cucumber sandwiches and petit fours. Instead, make miniature peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, using cookie cutters to shape them for kids spa party food. Set out cut carrots, broccoli, celery and ranch dressing for dipping. Older kids may be responsible enough to trust with dipping cut fruits into a fondue bowl. Use chocolate and set out cut oranges, strawberries and cherries. Serve punch and cupcakes with sprinkles for dessert.

Table Supplies and Decorations

Visit the local party store to pick up plain table service or check online for discount party supplies that feature the words "spa party" or graphics like lotions, soaps and confetti. Gather all the household mirrors into the main party room and decorate with streamers and removable stickers. Do the same for the bathroom mirror.

Kids Spa Party Activities

Activities at a spa party should go beyond food and opening presents, if the party is for a birthday. Keep kids busy by planning two to three activities for an afternoon party and five to six for an overnight slumber party.


Girls often have plenty of fun ideas of their own for a spa party. Gather materials together for several of the following activities:

  • Manicures and pedicures: Pick up cheap nail polishes from a discount retail store. Nail art stickers are a fun addition.
  • Fashion show: Fill a couple of boxes with old clothes for the girls to create outfits. Include old dresses, blouses, low heels, and costume jewelry.
  • Makeovers: Moms, aunts and older sisters can sort through old makeup. Scrape off the tops of old lipstick, eye shadows and blush. Pair them up to create new looks for each other. Take digital snapshots of the girls "before" and "after" their makeovers.


While spa parties are not always the first thought for a boys' party theme, they are possible with a little creativity. Have dad or an uncle host a shaving demonstration in the bathroom, then arm the boys with their own shaving cream and play plastic or rubber "razors" (no blades). Let the boys shave their own faces. After they have all had a chance to shave once, have them lather up again. Turn the experience into a race. Whoever cleans all the lather off first wins a prize.Applying kids temporary tattoos is another fun activity for boys at a spa party. Pick up ones with favorite characters, cars, trucks, dinosaurs, animals or flames for boys to enjoy.

Coed Spa Games

It can be difficult to come up with childrens party ideas for coed games that will work at a spa party. Consider trying one of these games at the next kids spa party:

  • Truth or Dare: Let kids play a supervised version of Truth or Dare. Write out some mild truth questions and dares, putting them into separate jars for kids to choose between.
  • Hair Styles Race: Get out some funky clips, hair gel and wash-out dyes in crazy colors (similar to Halloween sprays that wash out). Give the kids 10 to 15 minutes to create the coolest styles possible, and then have the rest of the children vote on the best hairdo.
  • Kissy Faces: Gather a bunch of brightly-colored lipsticks (red, purple, blue, pink, orange). Hand out small squares of numbered paper, recording each person's name next to their number on a master sheet. Ask the kids to kiss the paper. Hang up the papers and let the children try to guess whose lips are whose. The person with the most correct guesses is the winner.

Award the winners a prize, such as fun shaped soaps. Remember to pass out kids party favors at the end of the event. Favor choices include body lotions, lip-gloss or lip balms. Discount stores often have large bottles of bubble baths in bottles and characters for both genders that would make perfect favors, too.

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