Minnie Mouse Party Supplies for a Magical Birthday

Delight your little girl with a Minnie Mouse birthday!

Get Minnie Mouse birthday party supplies to make your daughter's next birthday one she will squeak about for the rest of the year!

Decorations for a Disney Birthday Girl

Little girls often want their party to be themed around their favorite character. Minnie Mouse is no exception; as Mickey's partner, she is a favorite among Disney fans around the world. Decorations can be picked up almost anywhere, from big box retailers to party supply stores to Internet sales companies.

Decorate using balloons, banners and centerpieces that feature Minnie and her friends. If you have a limited budget, pick up a few key items in a Minnie theme and supplement with color-coordinated supplies. Invitations, several balloons, plates and party favors could have Minnie on them, while the napkins, utensils and thank you notes are plain. Items like the following may work for your "mousey" party:

Birthday party supply kits come fully stocked with supplies from the invites to plates, decorations to favors. The Minnie Mouse Deluxe Pack has her in a cheery pink polka dot number.

Baby girls can get in on the fun with Minnie, too. Display a personalized Minnie banner over her highchair for a great photo opportunity when candles are blown out on the birthday cake.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Supplies for Activities

Depending on the age of your child, you may need to have a few structured party games and activities ready to keep everyone entertained.

The game "Musical Minnie" requires just a few chairs and a CD in order to play. Simply set up the game like musical chairs and have kids try to sit down on a chair when the music stops. The last one standing can win a little prize, such as crayons or a balloon. Instead of playing a generic kids' CD, play one that has Disney characters singing popular tunes like Sing Along with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.

Get out the biggest yardstick you can find and break open a Minnie Mouse pull string piñata. Fill the piñata with Disney-shaped candies, stickers, plastic toys and more. Be sure to hang outside or clear an indoor area of all breakables before letting kids break it open.

Cake, Costumes and More Minnie

Get a birthday cake from a local bakery that has Minnie and her friends on it. Shaped cakes are also big hits, whether you go with just her face and ears or her whole body. Make the cake yourself using supplies from stores like The Party Works:

Treat your daughter, granddaughter or special birthday girl to a Minnie Mouse costume to wear on the day of the party. Pick it up before you mail out birthday party invitations and make your own photo invites featuring her wearing the outfit.

Guests can don Minnie Mouse ears when they arrive and take them home after the festivities have ended. Simple favors can be Minnie stickers and a sticker album.

Selecting the right Minnie Mouse birthday party supplies can get you started with planning your child's great Disney-themed party. Remember to grab a new roll of film or extra digital camera batteries so you can document the whole day in a birthday Disney scrapbook just for her.

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Minnie Mouse Party Supplies for a Magical Birthday