Motorcycle Party Theme

A motorcycle theme is great for all ages.
A motorcycle theme is great for all ages.

A motorcycle party theme can be great fun for motorcycle enthusiasts young and old. Motorcycle-inspired party supplies are widely available, while games and party food complete the theme.

Motorcycle Party Theme Decorations and Supplies

Motorcycle party theme items for decorating, setting the table, and filling treat bags can be found at party supply stores or even your local dollar store. There are also some terrific party stores online that carry a variety of motorcycle-themed supplies, including:

Branded items from Harley Davidson or the television show American Chopper also make great decorations, or try to find posters that feature motorcycles for wall decorations.

You can easily make your own decorations for a motorcycle theme as well. Ideas for decorations and table settings include:

  • Checkered Flags - Pick up some inexpensive black and white checkered fabric at a fabric supply outlet, and use it to create flags to display around the room. You can also cut out rectangles for place mats and napkins, or use a large sheet of fabric for a tablecloth.
  • Mini Motorcycles - Dollar stores usually have small toy motorcycles, which can be placed around the table or even tied along a length of ribbon to create a unique streamer to decorate a wall. They also make perfect gifts in loot bags or prizes for games.
  • Orange and Black - For balloons and streamers, use the official Harley Davidson colors, orange and black. You could also use white here, to complement the two colors.
  • Roads, Wheels, and Flames - When you think of things associated with motorcycles, roads, wheels, and flames all come to mind. Use these images to create centerpieces and other decorations for your party space. If the party is outdoors, you could even create a motorcycle track with spray paint on the grass or with chalk on pavement.

Motorcycle Theme Games and Activities

Games are essential, especially during a child's party. Take your motorcycle theme and create party games that will fit the occasion, such as:

  • Motorcycle Piñata - Party supply stores sell all kinds of piñatas, including those shaped like bikes and motorcycles.
  • Decorate a Helmet - Cut motorcycle helmet shapes out of cardboard and provide glue, markers, paint, paper, scissors, stickers, and other craft supplies so kids can decorate their own helmets.
  • Races and Relays - Set up traditional races and relays, but ask participants to either ride a pretend motorcycle or make motorcycle sounds while completing the tasks. This can be really funny, especially when the host has to call out to remind people that they're "riding."
  • Video Game Station - If you have a video game console, set up a game station and rent a few motorcycle games, such as Motocross Madness or MotoGP. Guests will have to take turns playing, so set this up while planning some other games for everyone else. If you're hosting a child's party, always check the ratings on video games before allowing them to play.
  • Pin the Helmet on the Biker - This can be played just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, with a hand drawn picture or poster of a biker. You could also try Pin the Wheel on the Motorcycle.

Prizes and Party Favors

For game prizes and party favors, try some of these items in addition to the usual candy and small toys:

  • Bandanas
  • Toy motorcycles
  • American Chopper or Harley Davidson branded items
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Key rings
  • Leather wrist bands
  • Motorcycle stickers

Motorcycle Party Food

Bikers can always be found at tailgate parties, so simple barbeque style food would be perfect for this party menu. Try hot dogs, burgers, hot sandwiches, sausages, nachos, and vegetables with an assortment of dips.For dessert, pick up a cake decorated with a motorcycle, or try your hand at creating one yourself. For something that's fun for kids, hand out frosted cupcakes and provide icing tubes and small candies so the children can "draw" their own motorcycles on their desserts.

Drinks can include party punch, soft drinks, juices, or milkshakes. For grownups, offer cold beer.

Motorcycle fans will be thrilled with all of the great themes gathered together for their party!

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