Party Themes for Sororities

Plan your own wild college parties.
Plan your own wild college parties.

Finding quality party themes for sororities can make a big difference in every aspect of your group from recruitment to graduation. Below are just a few ideas for planning your party of the year!

Choosing Party Themes for Sororities

Greek life is more than slightly notorious for its party scene. However, outside of the weekend keggers associated with this collegiate culture, many fraternities and sororities throw a few organized, even formal, parties each year to fundraise, promote a cause, or draw new members into the family fold.

Sometimes selecting party themes can get tricky, as sororities are often packed full of enthusiastic members who want to contribute to a great idea. To eliminate any conflict or drawn-out decision making, most sororities leave the bulk of the responsibility to their executive board. After several themes have been narrowed down, they take a vote with the entire sorority, keeping things both diplomatic and simple.

What if your executive board has no idea what to choose in regards to a list of potential themes? It's easy to get stumped, but it's even easier to turn frustration into inspiration, as there are so many great get-together ideas available. First, think about the purpose of the upcoming party. Is it for rush or recruitment? Is it a fundraiser or some other type of benefit event? This can help you narrow down your choices, as there are only so many ideas that will be appropriate.

Example Themes

When ideas just won't come to mind, there are wonderful suggestions found all over the Internet, many contributed by actual sorority girls all across the nation. Below are some ideas for each major sorority event throughout the year.

Rush Party Themes

Successful recruitment is vital to your sorority. Without it, your numbers may suffer and a healthy chapter will be harder to achieve. Bring some serious consideration to every rush party theme, as it can make a world of difference in your advertising and what sort of students you draw to your house for the gathering.

"Add a Chapter To Your Life" is one fun recruitment party idea. T-shirts can feature a book graphic, perhaps opened to a "page" featuring your Greek letters, a photo, or some other representation of your sorority chapter. Decorate the walls of the sorority house with past portraits of members, letters to rushees from current sisters discussing what they love most about the group, and give little book ornaments as gifts. These are especially great favors for a fall rush.

Formal Occasions

Many chapters have a holiday formal for their sorority and brother fraternity. Consider a "Winter Wonderland" theme for this great event. Invest in some inexpensive Christmas twinkle lights, faux icicles, glittery white and ice blue candles, and snowflake plates for a sit down dinner. The sky's the limit with a Winter Wonderland theme, as you can also take a playful approach with whimsically childish décor and a dessert buffet filled with favorite holiday comfort foods. Appeal to your sorority as a whole for ideas to incorporate into this broad theme, and form committees to make sure all jobs are done. A formal is twice as much work as a traditional casual party, so put your best men (er, women) on the details, and you're sure to find impressive success.

Weekend Hangout

Even with the best planning and classy invitations, sorority parties often get rowdy, with uninvited guests crashing the celebration. Save your money and keep it simple and casual on a Saturday night with a fun and laid back theme such as "Kegs & Eggs." For this sorority party theme, invite guests to come in their pajamas and party on until sunrise, when it's time to make breakfast to ring in the new day. This is a good strategy if you know alcohol will be flowing at your party, as it keeps people safe inside and gives them time to sober up before returning home.

Smart Theming

Once you've chosen the perfect party themes for sororities, there are ways to stay cost effective and wise with your spending so your chapter doesn't go broke in a weekend. Choose decorations you can recycle for other parties, perhaps choosing whites and silvers that can be used for both Christmas and New Year's events, or pastels that can be doubled up for both spring rush and a formal tea.

You may also put out a box for donations, as attending members will probably be willing to chip in a couple of dollars outside of their mandated sorority dues. That cash can really add up, and will give you a great financial cushion for your next event!

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