Patriotic Party Themes

Try some fun new party themes.

Patriotic party themes can be used for almost any type of party, but are especially appropriate for the Fourth of July. Combine traditional themes with new ideas to create a patriotic and fun atmosphere for your guests.

Patriotic Parties

Patriotic party themes are great because they can be used any time of the year, with any type of venue. These themes appeal to partygoers of all ages, and are easy to coordinate using colors and simple shapes and patterns. Some occasions you could use patriotic themes for include:

For those who work or volunteer with the military or even the government, a patriotic theme would suit just about any occasion.

Patriotic Party Theme Ideas

The real appeal of a patriotic party theme is that it can be incredibly simple to pull everything together, using patriotic colors and decorating with flags and symbols. Here are some suggestions for overall themes.

Red, White, and Blue

Using a red, white, and blue theme is the easiest way to set a patriotic tone for your party. Common supplies like tablecloths, napkins, and dinnerware are easily found in these colors at party supply stores, and you can decorate with American flags in a variety of sizes.

To incorporate even more of the red, white, and blue in your party, try some of these fun ideas:

  • Display fresh flowers in red, white, and blue in vases, or as a table centerpiece
  • Use colored candles as eye-catching décor
  • For a summer party or picnic, pick up red, white, and blue plastic leis for guests to wear
  • Hang theme-colored streamers and balloons wherever possible
  • If children are attending the party, ask each one to draw a picture using only red, white, and blue crayons or paints, and display the works of art on a special wall or fence "gallery"
  • Ask your guests to dress in the theme colors
  • Using a few drops of food coloring, make red and blue ice cubes for drinks


Camouflage parties are best suited for the younger crowd, or anyone who is aspiring to be in the military. Camo-patterned items are common, from clothing to party supplies, so you can ask your guests to dress up for the occasion. Some great party favors could include:

  • Plastic bucket hats
  • Small plastic army men with parachutes attached
  • Aluminum dog tags
  • Toy compasses and binoculars
  • Water balloons or water grenades

For fun activities at a child's camouflage party, try:

  • Face painting
  • Water balloon fights
  • "Boot Camp" obstacle course
  • Capture the Flag

American Pride

An American Pride party theme includes decorations and themes inspired by the different areas of the country, from Hawaii to Alaska. This type of party is especially fun for those who love to travel and have visited many states. To bring an American Pride party together, here are some ideas to try:

  • Decorate with state flags and postcards showing great American landmarks
  • Serve a variety of foods from different regions, with place cards explaining what each dish is and where it originated from
  • Have guests share stories from their favorite area of the country, whether it's somewhere they've traveled to, or where they grew up
  • Place a map of the country in a central location, and let guests mark where they're from and the cities and states they've visited
  • Play patriotic music or songs that are associated with different regions

Patriotic Party Supplies

If you're having trouble finding supplies for your patriotic party at local party supply stores, here are a few places online that have a wide selection of themed supplies, favors, and decorations.

  • Party 411 - Enjoy a wide variety of patriotic party supplies, including cardboard cutouts of political celebrities.
  • Party Supplies Hut - The stars and stripes can be found on dozens of items here.
  • Party Supplies World - In addition to the usual party fare, you can also find shiny centerpieces and outdoor lanterns in red, white, and blue.

Consider using a patriotic theme for your next party, and see what kinds of fun ideas you can come up with to celebrate with your guests!

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Patriotic Party Themes