Pirate Theme Party Ideas

Set the stage with pirate invitations.
Set the stage with pirate invitations.

Whether you're throwing a pirate party for a child or getting together with adults, pirate theme party ideas can be tons of fun to come up with. Grab an eye patch, break out the pirate slang, and get ready to walk the plank!

Pirate Theme Party Ideas for Decorations

Every party needs decorations, and there are plenty of pirate theme party ideas to adorn any room. Here are some neat ways to set the mood for a pirate party:

  • Treasure Chests - You can make your own treasure chests by painting small boxes with lids, and adding artificial gem stones, paper or fabric cut-outs, and gold trim. Fill them with gold foil-covered chocolate coins or other treats, and use them as party favors. Large treasure chests can be made with larger boxes, or try a styrofoam cooler or plastic tote box covered in paper. Fill them with prizes for games or with loot bags for kids.
  • Fish and Sea Creatures - A pirate lives his life at sea, so go all out with the water theme. Fishing nets, plastic fish and other sea creatures, and any items commonly found on a ship are all great additions to your décor.
  • Pirate Flags and Skeletons - A black pirate flag featuring the skull and crossbones design is a must for any pirate party. Take a look through your Halloween decorations for anything featuring a skeleton, too.
  • Balloons and Streamers - Black, white, and gold are very appropriate colors for balloons and streamers, or you can opt for the blues and greens of the sea. Bright colors could also be used to reflect the colors of gems and pirate loot.

Pirate-Themed Games

To entertain your guests, put together some pirate-themed games to play. Try some of the following ideas to get you started:

  • Decorate a Treasure Chest - This one is mostly for children. Give kids small boxes and all the materials they'll need to make their own treasure chests.
  • Pin the Parrot (or Eye Patch or Hat) on the Pirate - Play this the same way as Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
  • Panning for Treasure - This is another game that's best for kids. Put small prizes, including beaded necklaces and other pirate loot, in a small plastic pool or sandbox, and let the kids take turns trying to fish out a prize.
  • Treasure Hunt - This game can be used for both kids and adults. Play it like you would a scavenger hunt, but have your guests hunt for treasures that you've hidden before the party. Use small prizes, chocolate coins, beads, and other pirate-themed items for the treasure.
  • Pirate Sing-a-Long - There are plenty of pirate songs that kids and adults can sing along to. Print out the lyrics and have a good old-fashioned sing-a-long.

You can also adopt almost any traditional party game to fit a pirate theme. Try adding pirate hats to a game of musical chairs, so that participants have to find a seat and put a hat on their heads to stay in the game. You could also play pirate bingo, with images of hats, treasure, eye patches, skulls, etc. on the bingo cards instead of numbers.

Food and Drink Suggestions

Pirates love their food and drink. menu suggestions for a pirate party include:

  • For the grownups, a rum-based punch is perfect. Have a non-alcoholic version on hand as well for kids or anyone who will be driving.
  • Tropical fruits, like pineapple, bananas, and coconut, make great treats.
  • Serve any kind of fish, from freshly steamed to frozen fish sticks
  • Snacks can include goldfish crackers, candy bracelets or necklaces, and gummies in fish or ocean creature shapes.
  • Veggie sticks like carrots and celery can be renamed "peg legs," and you can cut shapes like fish or bones from bell peppers using small cookie cutters.

If you're planning to serve a cake, you can have it decorated (or decorate it yourself), with a pirate ship, a tropical island with a big "X" marked in the sand, or a simple pirate flag or hat.

Don't forget to brush up on your pirate-speak for the party! Arrrre you ready to have a great time?

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