Pool Party Decorations

Sunny Pool Party Decorations


At a summer pool party, decorations add to the festivities. A few simple touches here and there turn a plain pool into the perfect party area.

Homeowners who plan to host frequent pool parties can combine their landscaping and pool decorations in one project. Plant large flowers early in the season so they are in full bloom by the time summer starts swinging. This makes for a beautiful pool area that needs few additional decorations.

Children's Pool Toys as Decor


Let decorations do double-duty at a pool party for kids by making them part of the activities. Place flotation toys around the pool area and fill them with coordinating items like:

  • Beach bag
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses
  • Shovel
  • Pail

Decorate with Beach Towels


Guests who are frequently in and out of the pool will find themselves with a soaking wet towel by the end of the day. Provide extras around the party area, rolled and stacked in a pyramid. Add some tropical flower blooms for an exotic touch.

Poolside Fire Pit


Combine your pool party menu with the decorations by purchasing or renting a large fire pot. This creates a dramatic area that also is perfect for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

Table Decorations

Pick up cheap clear plastic vases, sand buckets or round bowls and fill them with water. Add some flower heads or floating candles and use them as centerpieces on tables around the pool.

Colorful Seating Area


At a pool party, not everyone wants to swim. Purchase colorful lounge chairs or rent them from a local supplier and place around the pool area. Use bright colors at a party for kids or understated tropical colors like beige and seafoam green at a more formal event.

Formal Pool Party Decor


Even if the party is at a pool, it doesn't mean that the pool is going to be used for swimming. At a formal event held in a pool area, add floating floral centerpieces. Decorate card tables, chairs, picnic tables and wicker furniture with cloth covers that match the event's theme.

Evening Pool Party Lighting


At the end of the evening, create a lighting display as part of your pool party decorations. Tiki torches, hanging paper lanterns, luminaries and candles are an excellent way to enjoy dramatic lighting on the water.

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Pool Party Decorations