Printable Party Favors

Kids birthday crown favors

Using a printable party favor is a great way to send guests home with a little memento of the festivities without busting your budget. Frames, ornaments, and kids' crowns are all good options for favors that won't go to waste after the party is over.

Free Favors to Print

Use Adobe or another PDF program to download the printable favors. Use heavy cardstock for best results.

Frame Favor

This 5x7-inch frame can be customized to have any date or saying at the bottom. To include an image, simply print a photo and use tape to attach it to the frame, placing the tape at the back. If desired, add adhesive magnets to the back and guests will be able to hang the frames on their refrigerators.

Click to download the frame favor.

Ornament Favor

The neutral colors in the ornament below make it ideal for any gender or occasion. Use a paper punch over the round circle at the top and attach matching ribbon so guests can hang at home; alternatively, it can be used as a large favor tag for another item. Change the wording on the ornament to suit your occasion.

Click to download the ornament favor.

Kids' Crown Favor

A party favor that also doubles as a craft is a great way to keep kids busy at the party and offers them a token to take home. Place the crowns on a table with markers and crayons so kids can customize their own. Have an adult available to help tie string onto each end and fit to each child's head before making a knot and securing. Punch out the holes at each end so both sides of the crown line up.

Click to download the crown favor.

More Printable Favor Options

When you need a quick favor, nothing is easier than using a printable. Additional options include the following:

  • Print With My Pic offers nine different bookmark options that allow hosts to upload a photo onto them before printing.
  • Kids will enjoy the cut-out puzzles featuring their favorite cartoon characters available through Family Shopping Bag.
  • Festive hats are fun to wear at the party and take home later. Mr. Printables has two striped versions that just use a little elastic and glue to complete.

In addition to the actual favors themselves, many tags, wrappers, and boxes can be printed for use with other favor ideas. For example, use printable DIY candy bar wrappers to customize candy bars or a printable favor box that can be folded so it holds trinkets or treats.

Festive Favors

Printable party favors are an excellent option when you want to put your budget towards other supplies. Favors add to the festivities without costing a lot of money, and it's as easy as clicking, customizing, and printing to make a memento.

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Printable Party Favors