Quinceanera Rings

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During the Quinceanera, the 15-year-old guest of honor will be presented with several traditional gifts, including Quinceanera rings.

Quinceanera Rings

The Quinceanera ring, symbolizing the circle of life, is used as a place marker to hopefully be replaced by an engagement or wedding ring. The ring also has religious meaning, hoping to remind the Quinceanera of God's unending love. In fact, at the Quinceanera mass, the priest will bless the ring and all gifts of jewelry. After the ring is blessed, it is presented on a special pillow to the fifteen year old during the mass by one of her padrinos, or godparents.

Many times the ring is part of a set. The Quinceanera also receives

  • A tiara - Symbolizes growing up.
  • A scepter - At the mass, the Quinceanera will trade a bouquet of frivolous flowers for a more responsible scepter.
  • Religious items such as a rosary, cross, or religious medals so she's reminded of her faith.
  • Earrings which will remind her to listen to her heart and to God.
  • Bracelet

Ring Motifs

Here are some traditional motifs for Quinceanera rings:

  • Hearts
  • Butterflies
  • The Number 15
  • The Quinceanera's birthstone

The ring doesn't have to be traditional, however. Other popular motifs include:

  • Dolphins
  • Animals
  • A crown
  • A favorite pastime or hobby
  • A musical note
  • The Quinceanera's name
  • A plain gold band
  • Flowers or vines
  • A bow
  • A bird

Where to Buy

Not sure where to purchase Quinceanera rings? Try one of these vendors:

  • Fingerhut offers a 10K gold heart with the number 15 inside.
  • Zales offers a variety of quinceanera jewelry with gemstones.
  • Gordon Jewelers has a lovely assortment of Quinceanera rings and other jewelry.
  • Everyone's favorite auction site, EBay, offers a large variety of Quinceanera rings. Who knows? Yours could be the winning bid!
  • Pictures on Gold has a great selection of rings for teens.
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Quinceanera Rings