Redneck Party Ideas

Silly Redneck Party Ideas
Plenty of redneck party ideas are perfect for when you feel like having a rollicking good time in the country. Whether you are celebrating your down-home roots or just want to have a hilarious bash that’s all in good fun, you can plan a redneck themed party that everyone will enjoy.

Get started with invitations that request everyone wear their finest “junk” clothes to your party. This is crucial to making the party a success, as people who are overdressed will feel uncomfortable and skip participating in many of the activities.

Party Location

The location sets the scene for your hillbilly party. A worn out travel trailer is perfect for the theme.

Alternative locations include:
  • Country barn
  • Corn, wheat or hay field
  • Abandoned house (make sure no one goes inside if it is unsafe)

Additionally, finding or building a faux outhouse is a great addition to any redneck party location.

Redneck Decorations

Decorations also create a redneck ambiance. Look for rusty and old tools, kitchen utensils and musical instruments. Hang them from the walls and ceiling. Unlike other parties, do not clean up too much before this one begins, as you want it to be somewhat messy and cluttered.

Cheap Redneck Foods

Serve food that everyone enjoys. Skip the gourmet cookbooks and make foods that are readily available. Grill hot dogs and hamburgers and have plenty of potato chips and potato salad to serve as side dishes. Fried food and packaged snacks are also good choices.

Redneck Drinks

No redneck party is complete without alcohol for the adults. Serve cheap beer and engage in can-crushing contests as everyone finishes their drinks. Look for wine in a box and serve it in disposable plastic cups. Give the kids fruit juice or generic soda.

Keep drinks cold at an indoor party by filling the bathtub with ice and placing the drinks inside; at an outdoor party, have lots of coolers filled with ice placed throughout the party area.

Bathtub Bonfire

Fire is a great addition to any party. Instead of building a traditional bonfire, consider putting it in a large abandoned bathtub. If you don’t have one readily available, look for one at a local waste disposal site or second-hand store. Remember to have s’mores ingredients available for the kids to enjoy once the fire is under control.

Hillbilly Activities and Games

No redneck party is complete without some hilarious hillbilly games and activities. Horseshoes is a perfect game for any age, while others might enjoy playing baseball in the cow pasture. If you have a lot of guests and space, consider setting up a few contests. A kiddie tractor pull using pedal tractors is perfect for youngsters, while a lawn mower race is sure to entertain the adults.

Redneck Music and Entertainment

Every great party needs to have the right soundtrack. Hire a country band or ask a group of friends to play at your party. Banjos, harmonicas, accordions and even empty jugs are excellent musical instruments for a country party. Alternatively, play the local country music radio station or create a mix CD with plenty of folk and country music selections that are several decades old.

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Redneck Party Ideas