Adult Birthday Party Ideas


When you're past the age of bounce houses and bowling parties, you need some adult birthday party ideas to spice up your next celebration. As you get older, you may feel less like celebrating this sign of increasing age. However, your birthday offers a great chance to reconnect with friends and enjoy a few hours where the focus is all on you.

Party Venue

Many birthday parties take place in the home, but if your budget allows it, moving to a new venue can liven up the event. You don't have to spend the day cooking if you hold your party in a restaurant. Renting a local hall will offer more room for dancing. Your friends won't soon forget an evening on a boat or traveling to clubs by limousine or on a party bus.

Fun Themes

No matter what your age, fun and casual adult birthday party ideas can make you feel like a kid again. A spa party is great for an afternoon of pampering with your closest girlfriends. If your birthday falls around the day of a big sporting event, plan a tailgate and viewing party. Even the traditional Over the Hill theme is still great for laughs.

Classy Themes

Cater to your guests' more refined tastes with an evening wine tasting or a private tour of a local museum. A theme based on color can be an elegant choice, such as a Black and White party or a Winter Wonderland party with frosty silver and white hues. A formal dinner party is another classic option.

Surprise Party

Don't let a birthday go unnoticed, especially if it's a milestone one, such as the 40th or 50th. A surprise party offers a great way to show a friend, co-worker or family member how much you care. Planning the surprise can be almost as much fun as the party itself.

Family-Friendly or Adults-Only?

An adult birthday party can be a large celebration for the entire extended family, including kids. However, it can also be an adults-only affair. Decide which setting your prefer, and set the guest list accordingly. Another option is to hire a baby-sitter to keep the younger guests occupied while the adults have their fun.

Game Adult Birthday Party Ideas

A few planned games and activities will keep your guests entertained and get them interacting. Pick the perfect birthday playlist. A short icebreaker can start the evening out right. A karaoke machine or singing-based video game like SingStar will be fun for the wannabe American Idols in the group. If your party is held outdoors, have sports equipment available for impromptu games of basketball or volleyball. Board games are another option, especially if you can offer games such as Cranium that allow teams to play.

Food and Drinks

Consider offering your guests foods that they don't often encounter. Fondue offers a unique eating experience that brings guests together as they gather around the fondue pots. Trying a new international cuisine can add interest to your party menu. If you don't have the cooking skills to pull it off, caterers are always available.

An adult party can also include an assortment of good party drinks that you wouldn't find at a kids' birthday party. Create a few favorite cocktails to serve alongside soft drinks or punch.

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Adult Birthday Party Ideas