Chinese New Year Graphics

Red Envelopes

Add cultural authenticity and splashes of color to your Chinese New Year Party plans with Chinese New Year graphics. The fifteen-day event typically takes place between late January and mid February. From good luck charms to fantastic creatures, the celebration's imagery and practices are rooted in tradition. Through it all, the color red predominates, as it is thought to be a very lucky color. In Chinese culture, red envelopes represent good luck wishes for the recipient. Place a decorative red envelope at each guest's place setting or incorporate this image into your Chinese New Year invitations.


The traditional Lantern Festival takes place on the fifteenth day of the New Year. However, you can brighten your celebration with paper lanterns any day. Lanterns are also easily recognizable Chinese New Year graphics for invitations.

Floating Lanterns

If you draw inspiration from the Lantern Festival in planning your Chinese New Year party decorations, think beyond traditional shapes. Glowing lotus blossoms would look great floating in a centerpiece bowl or in an outdoor pond or fountain if weather permits.


The Chinese word for orange sounds similar to the word for wealth, making the fruit a popular holiday gift. They can be a healthy party snack, a bright decorative accent on the buffet table, or a unique favor to send home with guests.


The mythical dragon is said to awaken to usher in the New Year. Attend a Chinese New Year parade along with your party guests to see modern-day "dragons" in action.


Gunpowder explosions were once thought to scare away evil spirits. Now the explosion of fireworks is a common sight during New Year festivities. An end-of-the-night display can be a fun Chinese New Year activity for your guests.

Graphics of Zodiac Animals

Throughout the history of Chinese New Year, each year has been given a designated animal from the Chinese zodiac. Add images of this animal as a decorative accent on invitations and tableware, or use a larger version of the year's signature animal as a centerpiece.

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Chinese New Year Graphics