Family Reunion Fun Ideas

Plan a Family Outing

If you're looking for family reunion fun ideas, a change of venue may be just what you need. Local parks provide playgrounds, athletic facilities and picnic areas. Family fun centers offer go-karts, miniature golf, bounce houses, and more for an activity-filled day. Check your local community for ideas.

Create a Family Tree

You don't have to be a genealogy buff to enjoy cataloging your family history. Create a large family tree outline on poster board or rolls of craft paper. Ask guests to add details throughout the event.

Make a Family Book

A reunion is a great time to put together a special family book, such as a scrapbook, collection of family stories or cookbook. When you send out invitations, inform family members of the project and let them know how they can contribute. They may need to bring old photographs and newspaper clippings for scrapbook making or mail in a favorite recipe for a cookbook to be printed ahead of time and distributed at the reunion.

People Scavenger Hunt

A people scavenger hunt puts a unique twist on the traditional game while also giving you a chance to get to know your extended family a little better. Ask participants to find guests who fit distinct categories, such as youngest or oldest, people who enjoy certain activities, or family members with specific characteristics, like blue eyes.

Interactive Food Choices

Turn mealtime into activity time with choices that let guests create their own signature foods. For instance, a make-your-own-sundae bar or a cookie decorating station will add some fun to dessert time.

Provide Chances to Connect

Even as you create a list of family reunion fun ideas, don't schedule every moment of the event. Some of the best memories come from casual chat with extended family members. It's a great chance to reconnect.

Plan an Interesting Theme

A theme can tie together your reunion while also providing fun activity and food ideas. Leave the character birthday party themes out of the equation, and look to adult party themes for ideas that can be interesting for all ages. For instance, you can roast a pig, serve fruity drinks and hand out lei party favors at a luau-themed reunion.

For help with your family reunion planning, a checklist can be beneficial.

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Family Reunion Fun Ideas