Make Your Own Party Decorations

Choosing Homemade Decorations

Why are so many people interested in learning how to make your own party decorations? Planning a social gathering is a great way to see friends and family, but you shouldn't have to drain your bank account to socialize. In addition, shouldn't your celebration highlight your personality and style? Do pre-made decorations sold in party stores really do that? Whether you're looking to save a little money or want to make your mark on the party scene, the following ideas are sure to help.


Balloons offer an easy way to play up your party's color scheme. Make your own party decorations from clusters of balloons. The classic balloon arch can accent an entryway or provide an impressive backdrop to the dance floor. Balloons can also serve as centerpieces, especially when combined with ribbons and other accents.


Confetti looks great scattered across tables, but a small bag usually has a big price. This is especially true if you buy specialty cutouts, such as a graduation year or holiday design. However, all you need is a paper punch to make your own confetti. Look for special punch designs among scrapbooking supplies, and experiment with paper color and texture.

Customize Store-Bought Items

Some decorations are just too difficult to make on your own, or you might not have the time. With ribbon, glitter, paint and other craft supplies at your disposal, you can add a personal touch to any store-bought accessory. For instance, if your child is having a character-themed birthday party, add stickers of the character to plain party hats, cups and tablecloths.


Cutout decorations are easy to make, yet really accent a theme. Large silhouettes are ideal for backdrops and can be quite attention-getting. Banners are a good choice for themed parties, whether it’s a trail of hearts for Valentines Day or a line of balloons for a birthday.

Kids' Own Party Decorations
Put the kids in charge of punching out confetti or cutting out shapes for a banner. Purchase a paper tablecloth and let them draw or paint their own designs to match the party theme. Kids will love a chance to join in the party preparations.


Let your food serve double-duty by making it part of your decorating plans. If your celebration will have assigned seating, use cupcakes or candy dishes to hold place cards. For a Halloween party, make gelatin molds in the shape of a skull or brain. Even decorative serving plates will add to the ambiance.

Putting Together the Pieces

Making you own party decorations doesn't have to mean handcrafting each piece you set in front of guests. It's often a matter of arranging the right elements to make a striking impression. If you need a centerpiece, you could start with a candle. Then decide whether you want to place it on a plate or in a bowl. Add extras, such as filling the bowl with glass beads or placing flowers around the plate. Arrange until you've created a beautiful centerpiece to fit your party theme.

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Make Your Own Party Decorations